Saturday, 2 November 2013

Elia and The Low Tears

Elia & The Low Tears.JPGWhat's the biggest compliment one of your fans can pay you? Well Elia and The Low Tears had a music video made for them by Romanian fan Alex Bade!  Its a taster to make you go to the Best Of British Unsigned nomination page.  So without further ado Ralph's bringing you more music from the funky Elia and The Low Tears in a bid to convince you to vote for him in the upcoming awards.

London based Elia and The Low Tears tracks feature regularly with the likes of Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6, Gary Crowley on BBC London and of course Ralph's Sunday Indie Show on Radio KC available worldwide in 104 countries.

Elia and The Low Tears are Elia Rulli and an ever changing, eclectic mix of musicians referred to by some as his 'elastic band'.

He professes to make alt soul that draws upon the classic traditions of Prince and the songwriting depth of Joni Mitchell but mixes them up with the here and now. Fresh, boundaries-stomping music that makes you want to rub against trees inappropriately.

Look in the eyes - not around the eyes

After watching the videos of Elia and The Low Tears you are now going to go and vote for them in the Best Of British Unsigned by clicking on this link > BoB

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