Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Ralph's Life Double CD for The Fine Line Project and the Rethink Mental Health Charity

So here's how Ralph's mind works...fellow music blogger Hiapop sent in one of his badges and Ralph thought "Hmmm - I should have my own badge."  So two days later and many designs scrapped, a design was sent off to a badge manufacturer and a badge was produced.

However, Ralph's looking at the final design for the badge and thinking "That would make a great CD artwork"

That moved on from - "That looks like a CD" - to - "Wouldn't it be great to put out a CD of unsigned Indie bands that Ralph's blogged with a view to raising money for a charity."  That quickly moved on to thinking - "Well I've blogged the immense work done by The Fine Line Project for mental health awareness and the charity gigs they put on."

Two days later and Ralph's producing a compilation double CD of 40 unsigned Indie bands plus Mr Tom Robinson, the funds from which will go towards the Rethink charity for mental health awareness.

The CD will be funded via a Crowd Funding Campaign and the resulting monies raised will be passed via The Fine Line Project to Rethink Mental Illness in the UK.

It's with no little pride that Ralph's chest swells after the response from previously featured bands on the blog and his Radio KC show who have quickly reacted to his request for tracks to be donated.  To be completely fair, 40 of the 400 featured bands and artistes were picked out a hat a random and they will be on the Ralph's Life CD for Rethink of which the first 1,000 will be available as a limited edition with a personal paw print as a token of his eternal gratitude and love. There will be a Vol 2!

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