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Ralph's Life Double CD for The Fine Line Project and the mental health charity Rethink

Day 6 - 16.11.13

The Ralph's Life CD is complete and Radio KC will be playing all the tracks on Monday night from 9pm!

So it’s one week since I had the bright idea to put together a double album of 40 out of over 400 unsigned Indie bands that have been featured on the Ralph’s Life music blog and Radio KC.  The response has been outstanding with all 40 tracks donated within 5 days!  Needless to say all the tracks are All Rights Reserved.

I look forward to the crowd funding project which will start on Friday 22nd November where people can pledge for the album as one of the rewards on offer in order to finance it’s distribution, the launch gig/gigs and of course raise funds for the mental health awareness charity Rethink which will be passed on through The Fine Line Project.

Click on the band’s name to follow them on Twitter…
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The Travelling Band - Took My Soul


Tom Robinson - The Mighty Sword Of Justice


Wullae Wright - Fight Or Flight 

(prod. by Ambrose Chappel)


Culann - Jerusalem


Plum - Casting Shadows


Pumajaw - Mask

Embedded image permalink

Velocets - Secrets

The Varese’s - Spotlight


Snippet - Celebration


Elia and The Low Tears - Sweet Lies


Fat Goth - Creepy Lounge


The Bedroom Hour - X Marks The Spot


Jess Harwood - Feeling Fine


The Mutineers - Tell Me Why


Steve Heron - Eleanor


Have Mercy Las Vegas - Pappy


Vukovi - Schwagger

Debs McCoy - Wendy


The Ninth Watch - Forever’s a Long Time


The Folk Remedy - Sirens


The Fireflys - Hummingbird


Graham Marshall - Freedom Call


Whispery Club - The Boy

CD 2:


We Came From The Sea - Animalskin

Stillia - You Only Live Once

TiTORS iNSiGNia - Beg, Plead And Pray


Tingle In The Netherlands - Prostitute’s Handbag


Helen McCookerybook - Monday’s Mood


Mog Stanley - Devil In My Head (track TBC)


The Low Countries - At The End Of The Day


Robb Murphy - Never Letting You Go

Ambrose Chappel - Pick It Up ( ft. iKashflo)


Matthew Hidden - A Berry Bursts


Fiona Soe Paing - Daymoon Sun

Great Reckoning - Bleed For Your Life


Feral Five - Skin

King And Queen Of Sorry - (Couldn’t Get) High Enough


Tea Street Band - Push The Feeling On (Tom Eno Remix)

Mono Life - Disco In Paris

Shiny Rhino - I Love My Radio


Radio KC where Ralph has his Indie Show on a Sunday have donated airtime from 9pm on Monday 18th November where they will be playing all the tracks and messages from some of the bands and artists involved. You can tune in by clicking on this link >

Ralph’s thanks to Bert, Simon Meakin and SCG Advertising for the CD’s graphic design work.

Day 5 - 15.11.13

Final track confirmed...

The last track on the album has been donated by Shiny Rhino whose name is Mike Cornes and he writes songs and  records some of them. 

Then he asks people to listen on Bandcamp and/or Soundcloud.

Music makes him happy and he hopes it makes us happy too. He describes his music as "eclectic, quirky, lofi electronic pop. You'll probably spot influences from my 1980s childhood and the tracks are a bit pick-n-mix too.

Day 4 - 14.11.13 Schizophrenia Awareness Week 

It's Schizophrenia Awareness Week, November 11-17 2013

Get involved on Facebook and Twitter, or by fundraising for us

I'm going to be standing up for schizophrenia during 11-17 November because those of us like me with the condition want others to be aware of and understanding of what it's really like to live with, instead of the current stigma and misconceptions that surround schizophrenia.

Jonny Benjamin - filmmaker and mental health campaigner

Imagine being bombarded with voices from invisible forces, and stripped of your ability to understand what is real and what is not.

You discover you cannot trust your senses, your mind plays tricks on you, and your family or friends seem part of a conspiracy to harm you.

This is schizophrenia

Yet people can recover a better quality of life with the right care at the right time. We at Rethink Mental Illness are breaking new ground – for example with the Innovation Network that takes forward the recommendations from the 2012 Schizophrenia Commission.

What could be worse than these symptoms?

Save -the -date -trans
Sadly, ignorance and fear can be worse than the symptoms themselves. We can improve the lives of people with schizophrenia if we spread more understanding. That’s why we want you to Stand Up for Schizophreniaand support Schizophrenia Awareness Week, 11-17 November 2013.
We know it takes courage to take a stand and say you care about an illness that is so misunderstood and shunned. Yet if you are ready to take that stand we can tackle ignorance and fear together, by sharing the reality with friends, family and other connections.
Please show you care.

Get involved on Facebook and Twitter, or fundraise with us

Day 4 - 14.11.13 

Track list update

Mono Life confirms a track...

Yorkshire based producer Mono Life has just confirmed that he's donating his aptly named track 'Disco In Paris' as it'll get a spin by Ralph's favourite French Radio Station Radio KC.


Day 4 - 14.11.13

Radio KC gives up air time...

Ralph has a weekly show every Sunday on Paris based station Radio KC where he gets to play his selection of the best unsigned UK Indie tracks.  The station goes out in 104 countries worldwide and has two syndication's in America.

Well Ze Boss at Radio KC is giving up some valuable air time for Ralph to be able to play the tracks currently confirmed for the Ralph's Life fundraising CD for The Fine Line Project and the mental health awareness charity Rethink.

You can tune in from 9pm Monday the 18th November where some of the artists who have donated tracks will be leaving a little message and we'll be spinning their tunes!

Day 3 - 13.11.13 

A Wonderful Gesture (Part 3)

Ralph recently blogged Edinburgh restaurant (the aptly named) The Dogs and word's just come in to the Kennel that they've offered dinner for two (drinks not included) in the funky Hanover Street eatery and whoever pledges for it when the crowd funding project starts next week will definitely be 'going to The Dogs'.Day 3 - 13.11.13

The Dogs has just been included in The Times list of the Top 20 Gastro Pubs in Britain and it's an accolade well deserved as restaurateur David Ramsden offers stylish surroundings and immaculate service at affordable prices. For one lucky Edinburgh Pledger it's going to be the dog's bollocks!

Day 3 - 13.11.13 

A Wonderful Gesture (Part 2)

Word's just arrived in the kennel that Manchester chef Jonny Marsh has donated a table for two in his latest pop-up restaurant within Bexters Coffee Co in Manchester's Boothstown as one of the Crowd Funder Pledges. It's a one off pledge and will be priced accordingly (Ralph'll provide the wine).

Ralph's  blogged Jonny who's worked previously under the tutelage of none other than Raymond Blanc and his pop-up restaurants have become one of the highlights of the recent upsurge of the Manchester dining scene. This will be an exclusive crowd funding pledge not to be missed!

Day 3 - 13.11.13 

A Wonderful Gesture
Day 3 in the kennel and after a long night’s slog and not a lot of sleep replying to emails and making up the playlist for his Radio KC Show on Sunday, Ralph’s day was made immeasurably brighter by a message on his Facebook Page from Graham Marshall who’s donated his single ‘Freedom Call’ to the CD for Rethink.
Graham (who was Ralph’s No 1 blog for many weeks) is performing in a concert with legendary US singer Linda Perhacs in London on the 5th of December on what is her first appearence in the UK in over 30 years. He is donating his fee from the concert to be added to the funds raised by the Ralph’s Life CD for The Fine Line Project and Rethink Mental Illness.
I can’t thank Graham enough for this tremendous gesture which is over and above his donation of ‘Freedom Call’ for the CD. 

Day 2 - 12.11.13

The track list update (part 2)
Just confirmed for the Ralph’s Life Double CD for The Fine Line Project for mental health awareness and Rethink is Manchester’s The Travelling Band. They’ve donated their track ‘Took My Soul’ for the compilation.
Ralph previously blogged them back in March on the release of their excellent ‘Hands Up’ EP which you can check out by clicking here 

37: The Travelling Band - Took My Soul

Day 2 - 12.11.13

The Track List Update
Well, it’s two days into the Ralph’s Life Compilation CD for The Fine Line Project and Rethink and it’s pandemonium in the kennel.  Since putting the track list out tonight more of Ralph’s featured bands have confirmed their willingness to support the cause of mental health awareness by donating a track for the CD including none other than Tom Robinson of course! Paws crossed for some more big news soon too!

Confirmed for the track list last night were…
34:  Ambrose Chappel (ft. iKashflo) - Pick It Up 3.16
35:  Robb Murphy - Never Letting You Go 3.42
36:  The Low Countries - At The End Of The Day 3.16

It’s got so busy Ralph’s had to enlist the aid of his mate Mr Snuggles to cope with the workload…here they are discussing the track list last night…
Day 1 - The Track Listing
First of all I’d like to thank all of the bands and artistes that have donated a track to the Ralph’s Life CD for The Fine Line Project with the funds being donated to Rethink Mental Illness.
News just in is that Tom Robinson has agreed to donate his track ‘The Mighty Sword Of Justice’ to add to the CD.  Tom is of course a champion of unsigned Indie music through the Fresh On The Net blog and his show on BBC Radio 6.

The blog grew up out of a radio show called BBC Introducing: Fresh On The Net which he hosted on BBC 6 Music from October 2007 to April 2012.  Through the show he encountered many gifted individuals who shared his enthusiasm for new music and a dozen of them have now joined him online under the name Team Freshnet.

Their mission remains the same: to promote independent music making in all it forms – and to connect listeners with new music and musicians with new listeners.

The Ralph's Life Double CD

This is the current roster of artistes that have agreed to donate a track to the CD in no particular order and you can link to them and follow on Twitter by clicking on their name
1:    Wullae Wright - Fight Or Flight (Produced - Ambrose Chappel) 4.01
2:    Cullan - Jerusalem 3.58
3:    Plum - Casting Shadows 3.48
4:    Pumajaw - Mask 3.50
5:    Velocets - Secrets 4.05
6:    The Vareses - Spotlight 4.25
7:    Snippet - Celebration  3.15
8:    Elia and The Low Tears - Sweet Lies 3.15
9:    Fat Goth - Creepy Lounge 3.30
10:  The Bedroom Hour - X Marks The Spot 4.06
11:  Jess Harwood - Feeling Fine 3.33
12:  The Mutineers - Tell Me Why 4.07
13:  Steve Heron - Eleanor 2.59
14:  Have Mercy Las Vegas - Pappy 2.57
15:  Vukovi - Schwagger 3.33
16:  Debs McCoy - Wendy 2.30
17:  The Ninth Watch - Forever’s A Long Time 3.44
18:  The Folk Remedy - Sirens 3.28
19:  The Fireflys - Hummingbird 3.19
20:  Graham Marshall - Freedom Call 4.26
21:  Whispery Club - The Boy 5.26
22:  We Came From The Sea - Animalskin 4.40
23:  Stillia - You Only Live Once 3.06
24:  Titors Insignia - Beg, Plead and Pray 2.30
25: Tingle In The Netherlands - Prostitute’s Handbag 3.24
26:  Helen McCookerybook - Monday’s Mood - 3.40
27:  Mog Stanley - Spinning Plates (track tbc)
28:  The Darlingtons - Don’t Give Me Hope 3.49
29:  Fiona Soe Paing - Daymoon Sun 3.58
30:  Matthew Hidden - A Berry Bursts 3.47
31:  Great Reckoning - Bleed For Your Life 4.22
32:  Feral Five - Skin 2.32
33:  Tom Robinson - The Mighty Sword Of Justice 2.22

Day 1 - 11.11.13  

The Charity
It’s the first day of the Ralph’s Life Double CD campaign  in support of the work done by The Fine Line Project in raising awareness for mental health issues and Ralph’s pleased to announce that all the funds raised will be going to the charity Rethink.
See crisis contacts for emergency help - for practical mental health information call
0300 5000 927 (Mon-Fri 10am to 2pm)
Advice and helplines

Rethink Mental Illness has a number of helpline and advice services, which offer practical and emotional support and signposting to those experiencing severe mental illness, their carers and relatives.
One woman’s typical route was to use A&E in a crisis in the early hours of the morning where she would be seen by inexperienced junior doctors who would admit her. Now she feels able to phone Lincsline instead and her use of A&E has reduced.
Member of a Community Team

The national Rethink Mental Illness Advice Service fills a major gap in the information and help available to people with mental illness and their carers. They also provide 24/7 helplines covering particular areas or for particular groups of service users and carers, some of which are directly linked to crisis accommodation, working in partnership with local Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams.

Rethink Mental Illness provides a number of helplines across England. Staffed by highly trained professionals, they provide specific solution-based guidance and offer information and advice.
Member of the Mental Health Helplines Partnership - all our helpline services adhere to their quality standards and are freephone as well as recovery focused.
Find local support Find services and support groups near you
They provide a range of services nationally, including advocacy, carer support, crisis services and more.

This is going to be a running blog on the Crowd Funding and subsequent issue of the Ralph's Life CD for The Fine Line Project with the funds raised going to the mental health charity Rethink.

It'll keep everyone up to date on a day to day basis with information on the project, comments, pictures, some music and the occasional bit of fun.  To kick of - here's the idea behind the project...

The Crowd Funding Project
Ralph’s Life Music Blog has covered the great work done by The Fine Line Project on two occasions now and in order to fully recognise their contribution to mental health charities we aim (with your help) to produce a double CD of unsigned UK Indie bands and artistes; featured in the blog, to raise both funds and awareness for mental health in the UK.
Why The Fine Line Project? Because we all tread that fine line between feeling great and not so great. It could be as simple as being tired, off colour or having overindulged. Most of us understand those feelings, but what if they’re enough to send you over the edge? Or what if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with something really serious?
Why mental health? Because it’s a difficult area and there’s still stigma attached to having mental health issues, even though 1 in 4 globally experience such problems at some point in their life; because it affects so many people from a bout of depression to conditions such as bi-polar and schizophrenia; because promoting fundraising events which support mental health is not as easy or engaging as, say, raising money for children or animals. And because the current recession means more stress, more pressure on services and less support available.
Why creative arts? Because artists and creative people in general, including many scientists, are often in tune with that fine line feeling, aware of the impact of life’s highs and lows and in a better position to express them in a language that reaches out to others. Just think of music, song lyrics, poetry, painting, drama and how they can touch the soul.
The Plan is to use the funds raised to produce and distribute a Double CD of up to 40 Unsigned UK Indie bands and artistes which will not only be available to Pledgers (the first 1000 will be a limited edition for pledgers only) but also on sale in Indie Record Stores throughout the UK.
We will also be hosting a launch night at a venue still to be decided, featuring a number of the acts on the CD.

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