Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Having played GingerBeardMen previously on his Radio KC Indie Show (every Sunday 5pm) a while ago it seemed like a good idea for his man in Scotland, Malcolm Parry to check them out at their Nice 'n' Sleazy gig in Glasgow.  

After spending two years studying sound production at college, good friends Blair Stuart and David Williams who shared a passion for dance music, decided to become a production duo after producing individually as Xile and DeSoto. Currently working on their debut EP and developing their live show it seems like the right time for Malcolm to check out out this gig.

GingerBeardMen take us to new levels with a Beastie Boys style rap intro with David Williams frantically bobbing back and forth along with his bass heavy groove; like Mr Ozio's Flat Eric wired up on a can of Red Bull.  

There's no ginger beard on fellow member Blair Stuart but a very Scottish ginger mane on Williams. The set consists of Blair flying back n forth between live drums, key's and rapping into the Mic.

The lad's tell me before - "We like to make music for a Saturday night". well I’m in Nice 'n' Sleazy's on a Saturday night - perfect!  Blair tells me they love all styles and you can tell this as they play their own mix of the Tiga tune 'Trust Your Body' which they made recently. They then introduce their new vocal tune (ft: Beccy Atherton) 'Razor Avail' which has a cool sun drenched Balearic feel and is very vocal - Trance like.

This tune will be on their upcoming EP 'Prehistoric Beard' which they're working hard on with the help of the perfectionist Rob Etherson from Glasgow electronic outfit Mia Dora.

Blair asks “Who likes a bit of nasty bass? We do! I'm finding it impossible not to get down with the groove feeling the beats reverberating throughout the amps. Next up it's the minimal melodic beats of 'Steggasaurus' which I absolutely love, check out their cool video. Williams plays live bass along with the tune while Stuart is back on the live percussion. 

Later the lads told me they like to create a more live rock edged vibe to their set, shunning the seamless DJ style. 

'Gnarly' has a fun and playful touch with a Missy Elliott 'Get Your Freak On' sample. Blair takes control of the mic and does a camp tongue in cheek style rap, very funny. The crowd are up for it and so am I. So much so that when Blair jumps down to bounce in front of us on set closer 'Get Down To The Drums' - I join in for a bit of dad dancing.

Witnessing their Electro show - these are two talented guys who don't take themselves seriously live and like having fun. That being said they're striving to produce quality tunes which could be heard from a festival tent or being played out by a club DJ on a sweaty dance floor. I don't think I’ll be growing a beard, but I'll be keeping a close ear on upcoming beats from this duo and hopefully reviewing the imminent EP. 

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