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Ralph's Top Ten Blogged Band Chart - 11.8.13

OK bands you know the score.....

the more hits your blog gets by the fans, the higher you go.....

So Tweet it, Facebook it.....

and generally expose yourself.....

Now Mr Snuggles and me have been sitting with our heads down counting the hits on each bands blog to see who's got which place.  

So here it is.....

The Top Ten Blogged Band Chart .....

No 1 ..... Stanley Odd

One of the highlights of Ralph On Tour at the Edinburgh Fringe was the first night at Queen's Hall where Stanley Odd and the Electric String Orchestra were performing.  When it comes to Stanley Odd I'm a wee bit (OK a lot) biased, so by way of neutrality I met up with my man in Scotland, the inimitable Mr Malcolm Parry and he accompanied me to check out the gig.  What I will say is that it's as real, raw and exciting live as I'd expected - some say 5 star I'd say 6

No 2 ..... The Holy Orders

Now if a band releases a debut album with the word dog in it then it's only to be expected that Ralph will sit up and pay attention.  That's exactly the case with the recent release by Hull Alt/Punk rockers The Holy Orders who've recently released 'For The Ears Of Dogs To Come' on Coal Shed Records.  

No 3..... Cullan

Ralph's man in Scotland, Malcolm Parry first saw SAMA award winner's Culann live in Edinburgh back in April while they were on a double header tour with Mechanical Smile. Unfortunately not a great turn out which was a shame as he really enjoyed their set's, so much so when the band announced a headline show in Glasgow he had to go and see the mighty Culann again.

No 4..... Pumajaw

Ralph's man in Scotland has ventured over to the West Coast and on arriving at the venue, The Berkeley Suite in Glasgow, leaves the Scottish sunshine for a night of darkness.  A slick hideaway situated in between a few

No 5 ..... Snippet aka Johnno Casson 

Snippet aka Johnno Casson is the quintessential English musician.  Prolific, diverse, entertaining, clever, wistful and whimsical (no more so on his recently released mini-album 'DIY' and the track 'Let's Talk About Us' on which he comments on his winkle - and he isn't introducing us to his pet mollusc Brian).  

No 6..... The Bedroom Hour

Ralph's sent his intrepid reporter Malcolm Parry out into the wilds - yes Bathgate no less - to bring you a live review of The Bedroom Hour, and this time he's come back with a corker.  The night was originally advertised as three bands, unfortunately the opening act from Fife - Calm As The Colour had to cancel, but never mind they still had Somerset's indie rockers The Darlingtons 

No 7..... The Fireflys

Ralph's search for North West bands continues and who better to look at next than Runcorn based The Fireflys.  The current line up is the result of a number of line-up changes, much soul searching and angst but the band have come through the stronger for it.  The current line up is founding member, guitar/vocalist Lee Wylding, Stephen Roberts on bass and Andrea Packer on drums.  They feel they've found the right mix to drive forward and build on the success of last years critically acclaimed 'Cathedral For Your Ashes' album.

No 8..... Burning Condors 

Looking for some down and dirty, bluesy and gritty, edgy rock 'n' roll?  The look no further than Burning Condors as they're producing just that in spades!

No 9..... The Dark Jokes

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So Ralph's wandering along Edinburgh's Princes Street whilst on tour at the The Fringe when, instead of the sound of the usual piper at the foot of The Mound, some gritty, bluesy notes were ringing out and being of an inquisitive nature it called for investigation.  Doing a busking session were young Edinburgh band The Dark Jokes, and judging by the size of the crowd that had formed and the amount of CD's they were selling, they were the ones that were laughing!  They describe themselves as a band with brooding sounds, bold words and big ideas.

No 10..... Wullae Wright

Everybody likes to make a comparison about artistes and Ralph's old man is no exception. He heard Wullae Wright's 'Halo Effect' playing on my laptop and next thing he was wiping the dust of his collection of vinyl, dug out Led Zeppelin I and stuck it under my nose...

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