Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Casting the unsigned Indie net wide on Twitter to get some tunes for this weeks show on Radio KC I snagged the slightly elusive yet interesting Scarborough band Crumplehorns.  On first listening I was whisked back to the early days of Wedding Present  gigs and lo and behold on checking their info they've been tagged as 'striking a claim for being the best British Indie band since The Wedding Present'.

They formed in 2013 after a chance conversation between David Yates (artist and musician) and legendary Nightingales front man Robert Lloyd. Their 7” vinyl single 'Simon Says' is to be released on Lloyd's Big Print Records on John Peel Day, Friday 25th October and launched at a free gig in The Spa Pub, Scarborough and the gig will be headlined by The Nightingales.

David, aka Jehan, has been providing artwork for Nightingales album covers for nearly a decade. As with his art, the Crumplehorns' music addresses personal struggles such as alienation, mental illness and loss, as well as wider environmental and social issues.

The songs are grounded in post-punk/DIY ethics of the late 1970's. Bitter lyrics are delivered over fast, catchy guitar and a backbone of bass and drums. Interspersed are keyboards and sax.

'Simon Says' is about a confused and broken relationship. Desperately wanting to please in order to stay with someone who really does not want you.

'Harold's Eye' is a series of still images created with words about injustice in a variety of ways over the years.

Donations at the launch gig and profits from the sales of the single will be donated to the charity MIND.

The Crumplehorns are currently writing and rehearsing new songs for release in 2014, whilst David is working on artwork for the next Nightingales album.  With shades of The Cure and Joy Division winding through 'Harolds Eye' I can't wait to see what next year brings!

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