Tuesday, 15 October 2013

This Morning Call

I recently attended a gig in Liverpool's Leaf Tearooms to take in local bands Lumin Bells and Red Sails which included an appearance by This Morning Call.  Main interest on the night was Lumin Bells but after their set probably a third of the audience left.  To their loss as it happens as This Morning Call produced a set that was as eclectic as it was mesmerising.  This Morning Call is the alter ego of singer, songwriter and producer (among other things) Ben Hayworth whose charismatic performance and audience interaction on the night was reminiscent of an early Moby.

'Organs Of The State'- the recently released follow-up album to the critically acclaimed debut 'All Quiet At 4 am' is a true gem.  From the opening notes of the dreamy 'The Circulating System' you're pulled in to the strings and gentle vocals of 'The Pigs' creating an alt-pop landscape you have to explore further.

Third track in 'Silent Film' (released as a single) is as addictive as the excellent Pantha du Prince and TheBell Laboratory collab 'Spectral Split'.  

The slightly moodier 'Signs And Portents' gives way to the catchier 'Sunburn' and a funkier electro-poppy 'Brothers And Sisters', whilst 'Fluids' gives us a dreamscape like listening experience.

You're hitting the dance-floor with the poppy beat of 'Generosity' whilst 'The List' with it's delicate melody and strings and 'We Need Your Bones' brings back the 'chill' factor.  Final track 'Organs Of The State' wouldn't be out of place as the soundtrack to 'Metropolis' with it's infectious, persistent electro/industrial beat.

What it has been is the soundtrack to my holiday recently with its ability to make you hear something different every time you play it.  With the musical aid of Peter Byrom-Smith, Ben Laws, Alex Hulme, Joel Cooper, Andrew Bernhard, Josh Williams and Gaz Hadfield it's high on my list of must have albums for 2013/14 and I'd recommend you get yours without delay!

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