Friday, 18 October 2013

Ed Muirhead

What do you get if you cross Paulo Nutini with the inimitable Mr Michael Marra, add a some bluesy jazz, bagpipes and a sense of humour imbued within the songwriting...Ed Muirhead from sunny Dundee, the land of jute, jam and journalism of course.

Anyone that can write a song about Britain's first ring road 'Ode To The Kingsway' that encircles Dundee (if you've driven it you'll know it's travails and endless roundabouts) and that gives social commentary that is both reflective and whimsical gets my vote.  

It's on his new album 'Simple Life' and the title track is a perfect example of his accomplished songwriting ability as it moves from humour to wistful, accompanied by infectious accordion and a toe tapping beat.

The aforementioned bagpipes come in at the start of 'Ballad Of Frank And Lorraine' followed by simple piano and a creative, storytelling lyric.  It's a bittersweet tale of the titanic search for life, love and fortune in a new country.

'Stolen Moment' tells of longing with its simple but effective piano and Ed's almost plaintive vocal.  As it fades towards the end it leaves you wanting more from Ed Muirhead.

You can listen to/buy/download the full album on Ed's Bandcamp and peruse his other stuff at your leisure.... 

Michael Marra's shoes will take some filling, but as the first anniversary of his untimely passing last October fast approaches it's this Jack Russell's view that Ed Muirhead's got what it takes...let's hope that now he's finished his successful launch tour for the album we'll be hearing more soon.  In the meantime you can order the album (and other stuff) right here by clicking on this link!

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