Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Millar Jukes

Strictly speaking Ralph concentrates on unsigned UK Indie music so when Aussie band Millar Jukes debut single 'Love Me All Night' was brought to my attention, the first reaction was to pass it over to Sydney music blogger Something Gold Something New.  On digging deeper however it turns out that Millar Jukes (aka David Jukes) is the brother of Vigo Thieves (who Ralph's previously blogged) vocalist/guitarist Stevie Jukes, so I was intrigued and took up the baton myself.

Millar, originally from Wishaw but who now lives in Melbourne started making music after listening to American singer/songwriter Ray LaMontagne and got together with some like minded musicians to take his sound to a wider audience.  

Building on the Americana folk/rock influence (very much like Scottish band The Holy Ghosts) they've produced a foot stompin', country/bluesy sound (overlaid with his distinctive 'Southern Comfort' vocals) in the new single Love Me All Night'. Millar along with Jasmin Fiske on bass, Ty Noble on drums, Matt Sandilands on lead guitar and Si Facius on keys has developed a very listenable, current folk/rock sound and judging by the recent reviews ('Melbourne's best kept secret and with more good tunes than you can shake a hay fork at') of their single launch night, will be going on from strength to strength.

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