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Ralph's Top 10 Blogged Band Chart - 25.10.13

OK bands you know the score.....

the more hits your blog gets by the fans..... 

the higher you go.....

So Tweet it, Facebook it.....

and generally expose yourself.....

Now Mr Snuggles and me have been sitting with our heads down counting the hits on each bands blog to see who's got which place.  

So here it is.....

The Top Ten Blogged Band Chart .....

Have Mercy Las Vegas were the third and final of Ralph's trio of lively and energetic folk/rock bands reviewed back in November of last year. They're causing a bit of a stir on the Glasgow music scene with their unique sound, which although largely folk and blues based, is hard to pin down exactly as they appeal to a wider audience with every gig.

I recently attended a gig in Liverpool's Leaf Tearooms to take in local bands Lumin Bells and Red Sails which included an appearance by This Morning Call.  Main interest on the night was Lumin Bells but after their set probably a third of the audience left.  To their loss as it happens as This Morning Call produced a set that was as eclectic as it was mesmerising.

No 3.....Kidsmoke

Kidsmoke are Lance Williams, James Stickels, Tomas Hassall and Chris Trow and despite being long time friends they've only formed as a unit in early 2013.  That being said they've come up with a solid, eminently listenable debut EP.  The lead track 'Higher' kicks off with an almost psychedelic/60's California vocal.

No 4..... Under A Banner

Ralph previously looked at Wolverhampton Alt Folk/Rock band Under A Banner back in May when they released a single 'Some Stories' to aid the soldiers charity Help For Heroes.  Since then the band have been working hard to produce their ¿Acoustic? EP and the result is a heartfelt collection of well crafted songs. 

No 5..... Red Sails 

If you're looking for well crafted, melodic tunes in a Steely Dan sylee then you've come to the right place because Ralph's been listening to Red Sails from Liverpool and it's time you did too!  Their tracks sound simple but are actually complex well written musical gems that soar, taking you on highs and lows with their lyrics and melodies.

No 6..... Graham Marshall

I was sent a You Tube video a few weeks ago that not only made me laugh but also renewed my faith in seeking out unsigned indie music.  It was self-made by Graham Marshall who three years ago tried to make a living in music but had to do the unthinkable – go back to a 'real job' as a truck driver for ASDA. Almost giving up hope of a musical career he now boasts a trophy awarded by the panel of the Barcelona International Film Festival and a newly released EP.

No 7.....Crumplehorns

Casting the unsigned Indie net wide on Twitter to get some tunes for this weeks show on Radio KC I snagged the slightly elusive yet interesting Scarborough band Crumplehorns.  On first listening I was whisked back to the early days of Wedding Present  gigs and lo and behold on checking their info they've been tagged as 'striking a claim for being the best British Indie band since The Wedding Present'.


Ralph's an equal opportunities Jack Russel and having just covered Scottish Indie folk/blues band Have Mercy Las Vegas decided to stick with the genre in order to bring you news of the latest (and apparently final) album release by The Low Countries

No 9..... Carlito

looking for a bit of guitar driven post-punk pop? Well then I've got just the band for you as Carlito have just released a track 'Sandcastles' that delivers exactly that.

No 10..... GRIMderry

It's a dismal, wet and windy Monday morning, so what better time to check out Irish musician GRIMderry whose angst fueled electro/rock/blues/jazz blend of music suits the mood.  GRIMderry aka Laurence McDaid is about as Indie as it gets, creating and self-producing his thought provoking music using Ableton from the shed in his back garden, which includes the recently self-released EP - 'Digital Throw-up' - of which more later. 

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