Friday, 4 October 2013

Ralph's Top 10 Blogged Band Chart - 4.10.13

OK bands you know the score.....

the more hits your blog gets by the fans..... 

the higher you go.....

So Tweet it, Facebook it.....

and generally expose yourself.....

Now Mr Snuggles and me have been sitting with our heads down counting the hits on each bands blog to see who's got which place.  

So here it is.....

The Top Ten Blogged Band Chart .....

No 1..... Graham Marshall

I was sent a You Tube video a few weeks ago that not only made me laugh but also renewed my faith in seeking out unsigned indie music.  It was self-made by Graham Marshall who three years ago tried to make a living in music but had to do the unthinkable – go back to a 'real job' as a truck driver for ASDA. Almost giving up hope of a musical career he now boasts a trophy awarded by the panel of the Barcelona International Film Festival and a newly released EP.

No 2..... Red Sails 

If you're looking for well crafted, melodic tunes in a Steely Dan sylee then you've come to the right place because Ralph's been listening to Red Sails from Liverpool and it's time you did too!  Their tracks sound simple but are actually complex well written musical gems that soar, taking you on highs and lows with their lyrics and melodies.

No 3.....Kidsmoke

Kidsmoke are Lance Williams, James Stickels, Tomas Hassall and Chris Trow and despite being long time friends they've only formed as a unit in early 2013.  That being said they've come up with a solid, eminently listenable debut EP.  The lead track 'Higher' kicks off with an almost psychedelic/60's California vocal.

No 4.....Kat Healy

Back in January of this year I blogged Edinburgh singer/songwriter Kat Healy and had this to say - "It's not often a voice stops Ralph in his blog writing but  a track came on and it wasn't until it had finished that I realised I hadn't been typing, just listening. The track was 'The Haunting' by Scottish Kat Healy.  Now being inquisitive by nature I went in search of more and lo and behold was on her new album Be Still Gentle Kind".

No 5.....Modern Faces

Ralph's inbox has been buzzing this week with new releases and none more welcome than the new single (official release date 30th September) and accompanying video (out now) of 'Lufthansa' by Scottish 'modsters' Modern Faces.  It's already on the Jim Gellatly Podcast and Ralph'll have to give it a spin too on Radio KC!

No 6.....TiTORS iNSiGNiA

St Helens band TiTORS iNSiGNiA have released their latest single 'Freedom Fighter' to help raise funds for ABF The Soldiers Charity.  

No 7..... Eight Rounds Rapid

What do you get when you mix Talking Heads 'Psycho Killer' with Dr Feelgood's 'Roxette' and chuck in a Blockheads-esque vocal? The intro to Southend on Sea outfit Eight Rounds Rapid track 'My Mate' which was the first track of theirs I'd heard and it got me hooked.  

So it was with some interest that news came into the kennel they're releasing a new single and vinyl debut and it's a limited edition 7" vinyl release (500 copies) - and the only format that 'Writeabout' will ever be available on. The flip side Steve is a crowd pleaser and fan favourite.

No 8..... Vigo Thieves

Being an equal opportunity Jack Russell, Ralph's added to his squad (OK there's one guy) of reviewers in Scotland.  What better occasion for a first time review than to send photographer Kate Johnston into the fray for the first time than Vigo Thieves sold out headline show in The Arches Glasgow.  Vigo Thieves are on the verge of greatness yet remain unsigned, but not for long with such a strong live set and a list of stellar performances.

No 9..... Born Thief

Born Thief’s avatar

Having played the soon to be released Born Thief  single 'An Inch Of Doubt' on Ralph's Radio KC Indie Show it seemed like the ideal time to take a closer look at the group who have a similar vibe to Liverpool's Tea Street Band

Born Thief are - Jake McGrath (vocals), Sam Wilson (Guitar), Greg Jones (Bass), Luke Haran (Guitar) and John Fitzpatrick (Drums) who formed recently from the ashes of Yorkshire band Sharp Darts.

No 10.....The Holy Ghosts

Having previously blogged Edinburgh band The Holy Ghosts it seemed only right that Ralph's man in Scotland, Malcolm Parry caught their headline show in The Voodoo Rooms recently. The Holy Ghosts are Jack Sandison on acoustic guitar/vocals, Jon Mackenzie electric guitar/vocals, Rory Penm

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