Friday, 19 May 2017

Ali Ingle

Image may contain: 1 person, shoes and indoorOnce again Ali Ingle has proved his pedigree as one of the UK's most promising singer songwriters with the release of his delightfully retrospective new single Saintly and we're delighted to be giving it an exclusive premiere here on Ralph's Life.

"I'm really proud to exclusively show you my debut video release with Coconut Creatives They are a cool bunch of people who together make up a London based creative content agency."

Coconut Creatives"Working alongside new and established artists and designers, in both music and fashion, they seek out brands and musicians who are really cool and look hugely fun to work with."

Image may contain: 1 person
Photo courtesy of Dave Turley Photography
Ali Ingle also had this to say about the inspiration for Saintly and working with Coconut Creatives...

"I first had the idea to create the music video for Saintly when I saw a video of the great William Shatner performing Rocket man at a Sci-fi Award show. As soon as I saw it I felt it captured all of the humour, sadness and beauty that I try an express in everything I do.

After seeing how stylish and effortlessly cool Coconut are, I was confident they could give it the look and feel it needed. I can't even begin to express how much fun and how brilliant all these guys are. They took a crazy idea and made it real. Ultimately, this is the beginning of a journey through time."

Suhayla of Coconut Creatives had this to say about working with Ali Ingle...

"Working with Ali was so much fun. I met him in London a few months ago and he told me about his idea for a music video and the inspiration for it. I really liked it and I also loved the track for it so I suggested that Coconut work on it and it all went from there really.

We sat down as a team and thought about how best to bring it all to life and how to really make it Ali's own and I think it's turned out pretty great and I'm super excited for people to see the finished piece. I know we all love it at Coconut Creatives."

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