Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Ralph's Indie Show Replay

Ralph's Indie Show Replay

As played on Radio KC

Sunday 28h May 2017 from 5-7pm GMT

Internet Radio on rkc.noip.me

Played in 158 countries 

Worldwide on 2 satellites

Website: ralphslife.co.uk

Ralph's Life Music Blog: fruitbatwalton.blogspot.co.uk

Submissions: ralphslife@mail.com

Twitter: @fruitbatwalton

Replay Playlist from 21.5.17

AVAILABLE NOW ON: ralphslife.co.uk

Just click on their name to go to their Facebook page:

Escapade - Red Sky
The Boston Shakers - All Out
Dantevilles - Graffiti
Rum Thief - Stitch In Time
The Lottery Winners - Young Love
South Island Son - Down The Slopes
Lusaint - Everything
The Kaptivators - Clouded By The Mist
The Orchid Hunters - Ripple
We Signal Fire - We Can Be The Change
The New Faith - Too Sad To Be Young
Mica Millar - My Lover
Charli White - Incognito
Fiona Ross - Too Many Thoughts
The Gravity Drive - Wake Of The Dawn
Mono Life - Phantoms
LUMER - Gruel
Bad Mannequins - I Hate You
The Wicked Whispers - If I Set You Free
The VEX - Education Kills
Goodbye Brighton - Heart In The Past
Ali Ingle - Saintly
Benbo - Gravity Pulls Me Down
Miller Blue 
- Pieces
The Dunwells - It's OK This Time
Moses Mo - Two Ton Message

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