Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Moods

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Ralph has been featuring the Blackthorn Festival on the blog recently due to the fact that it's near Manchester and probably the best value for money small festival in the UK.

We've also been singling out a few Manchester bands for some special attention and today it's The Moods turn.

They are the city's premier electro hip-hop reggae outfit, and their message is loud and clear. This 9-strong band unifies rap, brass and beats, delivering potent, political lyrics for a post-2016 world to make you dance make you think. Born out of a musical experiment in North Manchester's Boomshack Studios in early 2014, The Moods quickly gathered members and momentum. 

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A dizzying amalgamation of producers and poets, they swiftly honed their very own sound, which, when taken live, quite simply blew their audiences away. 

It wasn't long before The Moods attracted the attention of local radio stations (Ralph's giving them a spin again on next Sunday's Indie Show on Radio KC) and journalists like John Robb and Terry Christian.

The Moods ended 2016 on an absolute high, with raucous, sell-out gigs in London, Glasgow and Manchester. 

As the world reflected on the travesty that was 2016, The Moods channeled their energy into writing and performing their vital, mighty music.

They have now signed an artist development deal with the fiercely independent A1(M) Records (Ralph's just featured their Music From The North Live EP to raise funds for Salford 94.4 fm) in Manchester. Further to that, their new single JOY is to be released on June 23rd and we gave it a pre-release spin on Sunday 4th June.

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