Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Ceiling Demons

Ralph has followed the musical progression of North Yorkshire based dark hip-hoppers (it's grim up north) Ceiling Demons with increasing interest as they develop their unique soundscape. 

Never shy about capturing the frailties of the human state after initially getting together to pay tribute to a lost friend and then through their musical practice addressing mental health issues; Ceiling Demons have, with the release of their new single March Forward attained a new level of not just retrospective sadness but optimism and aspiration.

Driven by the warm sound of brass, March Forward marks the transition of the seasons as the death of winter is reborn into spring. The track sees twin siblings Psy Ceiling and Dan Demon go through an emotive journey of loss and acceptance. The recognition of our mortality and inner struggles is interspersed with an uplifting message which offers a sense of hope.

Since the release of their experimental EP, Belly Of The Hopeless and the stand-alone split 7" Lost The Way on Come Play With Me late last year, Ceiling Demons have been crafting a fresh body of work which will be released later this year via Durham-based DIY label Win Big Records

March Forward is an addictive and emotive insight into this new oeuvre, and the first track to be released from the album. The project is once again produced by Beat Demon and features instrumentation from their live band.

Ralph will be playing March Forward again via the Radio KC Indie Show on Sunday May 28th, so tune in from 5-7pm.

Friday June 16th - 360 Club at The Library  Leeds

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