Friday, 5 May 2017

The Jackobins

After a very successful 2016 playing dozens of festivals such as Sound City, Y Not Festival, Dot to Dot etc. and a rather drastic lineup change, fast rising Scouse act The Jackobins are back with an anthemic new single called Nightfire.

Needless to say Ralph will be giving the track a spin on the Radio KC Indie Show and that will be coming up on May 14th from 5-7pm.

Nightfire might not be as straightforward as the The Jackobins previous songs, yet it is their most enticing one to date. It shows a band that has honed their skill set over the past couple of years and managed to develop their sound with every release. 

Here's how The Jackobins describe their subtly stunning new single in their own words...

"Nightfire's concept arises from the idea that when it comes to inner struggle we should open up, rather than let pride act as a vice. 

Sometimes our demons are extremely close to consuming ones identity and too compelling to fight on our own. It's a song reminding us that we shouldn't forget that even tho at times it might seem so, we're never alone."

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