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Ralph's Top 10 Blogged Band Chart - 20.5.17

Tracks from the Top Ten Blogged Bands are played 
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After a very successful 2016 playing dozens of festivals such as Sound CityY Not FestivalDot to Dot etc. and a rather drastic lineup change, fast rising Scouse act The Jackobins are back with an anthemic new single called Nightfire.

Needless to say Ralph will be giving the track a spin on the Radio KC Indie Show and that will be coming up on May 14th from 5-7pm.

No 2: Fat Goth

Ralph has been a Fat Goth fan since first writing about them nearly five years ago (where does the time go) after catching them via the good offices of A Badge Of Friendship and hearing them via Vic Galloway on't radio. 

A year later and Fat Goth donated their track Creepy Lounge from their album STUD to the Ralph's Life CD to raise funds and awareness for the mental health charity Rethink (still available, just click here).

No 3: Katalina Kicks 

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Katalina Kicks profess to playing simple and direct heavy garage rock’n’roll: power chords and pummelling rhythms, fuzzy guitar and throbbing bass, big riffs and shouted choruses, pin-balling between grunge, punk and heavy blues. 

In Ian George Katalina Kicks also have a songwriter who can’t help but use his band as a platform to air his anxieties about the world around him. 

No 4 The Moods

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Ralph has been featuring the Blackthorn Festival on the blog recently due to the fact that it's near Manchester and probably the best value for money small festival in the UK.

We've also been singling out a few Manchester bands for some special attention and today it's The Moods turn.

No 5: Names

What's in a name? A set of words by which we are known, addressed or referred to. With Names the question follows their every creative move, what and who are Names

A melancholic, electronic, piano based alt pop duo who defy easy definitions and have no intention of succumbing to the demands of pop culture. 

Ralph has followed the musical progression of North Yorkshire based dark hip-hoppers (it's grim up north) Ceiling Demons with increasing interest as they develop their unique soundscape. 

Never shy about capturing the frailties of the human state after initially getting together to pay tribute to a lost friend and then through their musical practice addressing mental health issues; Ceiling Demons have, with the release of their new single March Forward attained a new level of not just retrospective sadness but optimism and aspiration.

No 7: Liam Oragh

Dublin based alternative singer-songwriter Liam Oragh has recently released a new album which is interestingly titled, The Arguments Against Insanity and is the follow up to his award-winning debut album, Only 2 Late If Ur Dead.

It contains songs about madness, songs about life, love, getting older, and cryogenically cheating death.

No 8: Luna Rosa

Ralph's been looking at all the bands and artistes playing at this year's Blackthorn Festival in July and featured them all in one big blog, but there's a few which we'll be taking a closer look at over the next few weeks.

One such band is Luna Rosa who hail from Corby in Northampton-shire. Formed in 2014 Luna Rosa have played up and down the UK racking up over 200 gigs in just over two years, including headline and festival slots.

No 9: Himalayas

HIMALAYASCardiff four-piece Himalayas unveil a new video for their single Thank God I’m Not You and Ralph is giving it a spin on this Sunday's Indie Show on Radio KC and looking forward to catching them live in The Magnet, Liverpool.

The Tom Large directed video takes place at the derelict St. Luke’s Church in the Welsh town Abercarn. Filming of the video took place in a day spanning 22 hours, with the generator almost cutting out in the middle of the night.

Image may contain: 1 personThe Phantom Sound aka Marisa Schlussel is exclusively premiering her new song which is called, Voices here on Ralph's Life. It's from her upcoming second album currently being recorded with Ken Stringfellow, who is producing once again. 

The album will feature Dale Crover of The Melvins and Nirvana (Bleach), and Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls and Scarlet Sails on drums. 

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