Sunday, 10 March 2013

Deadbeat Echoes

Aberdeen. 24.08.2012

It's always good to come across a band that's almost on your doorstep who are bringing guitar infused music to the masses.  Deadbeat Echoes from Winsford are just such a band and with the release of a new single and video 'No Bones' on 11.3.13 they're certain to come to the attention of the masses.  

It's Manchester swag and Liverpool musicality personified with twin guitars dueling over a frenetic drum beat and heavy bass line.  The atmospheric video (filmed by Dan Hewitson of Freakbeat Films) aptly looks like it was recorded in the same location as Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' and the single 'No Bones' has anthem written all over it. They're developing into a solid rock band and all the better for it.

Deadbeat Echoes are Jack Fearon - vocals/guitar, Andy Brown - vocals/guitar, Mike Newton - bass and Tom Webster - vocals/drums.  They've got some cracking gigs coming up so don't miss a chance to catch them perform 'No Bones' live.  The previous single 'Surge Of Youth' was a real 100 miles an hour proper rock 'n' rolla and a guaranteed crowd pleaser.....another reason to go see them at one of the following dates....

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