Friday, 15 March 2013

The Fireflys

Ralph's search for North West bands continues and who better to look at next than Runcorn based The Fireflys.  The current line up is the result of a number of line-up changes, much soul searching and angst but the band have come through the stronger for it.  The current line up is founding member, guitar/vocalist Lee Wylding, Stephen Roberts on bass and Andrea Packer on drums.  They feel they've found the right mix to drive forward and build on the success of last years critically acclaimed 'Cathedral For Your Ashes' album.

'Julianne' is the newly released track from their upcoming album 'Embers Of The Autumn' and it's showing a moodier, reflective side to the bands songwriting but with a catchy hook running through the track.  It's just made for radio play and I'm sure it'll get picked up soon by all the usual suspects.....and The Fireflys are giving everyone a chance to get involved as they're making a push to get it in the mainstream charts.

You can download the track from i-tunes and Amazon for only 79p and help make a bit of music history as they try to use social media to spread the word of Indie music to the mainstream radio shows and listeners.

Ralph met up with Lee and Andrea last week with a view to seeing where they think The Fireflys future lies.  Initially they intend to build on the success of 'Cathedral For Your Ashes' but they've not been idle and have an album's worth of material ready to take into the recording studios. The last album hit the number 1 spot on the Amazon Rock Chart and was number 21 in the overall chart!  Furthermore it spent 14 weeks in the Radio Caroline charts peaking at number 17.

The Fireflys 'Cathedral For Your Ashes' album to date has had over 20,000 downloads/listens/streams, lots of radio play, countless praise from many reviews and enabled them to pursue things as a full time entity and really take things seriously.  However they don't let the album take full credit for their rise from local band, they toured the UK extensively last year taking in over 60 dates in-between March - December.  They played with Ocean Colour Scene, Tom Hingley from Inspiral Carpets and even played Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds after-show at the 02 in Liverpool.

They're an immensely listenable, radio friendly band with a strong song writing ability.   
With a new album 'Embers Of The Autumn' on the way their fusion of alt/rock and sometimes almost heavy metal feel,  should bring us a heavier, meatier more drum based tracks a la 'Backbreaker'.  Solid, accomplished guitar, stronger and grittier vocals, it's punchy and in your face, a guaranteed mosh pit crowd pleaser - proper rock 'n' roll!  All the more reason to catch them at the Spring Jam event! 


  1. Thanks for that Sara and I'll pass that on to The Fireflys too!

    love Ralph x