Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sonnic Image

Ralph recently reviewed the Online Festival's first compilation album 'Indievidual' and one of the tracks on the album was by local band Sonnic Image from Warrington.  After giving the track 'Sunday Sofa Sister' a play on The  Indie Mix Show on Radio KC and having a bit chat at the same time on Twitter with Mark from the band, Ralph decided to have a word and find out what's going on with Sonnic Image.

Ralph: You seem to be very serious about promoting Sonnic Image and proud of the upcoming single, what's the background story?

Mark: Most of the Band have been in and out of different bands for a few years now but Sonnic Image was created on the back of myself and one of my oldest friends Alex Healey.  We were having a bit of a jam in my living room over a couple of JD's as you do and we put a few tunes together and as we were both 'in between' bands we decided to create a new one as we felt we had found a fresh sound. 

So we started to try out the potential musicians and it was painful, but in the end we found the happy medium.  Unfortunately Alex is a very talented Producer/Engineer and he decided to go back to Uni and see out his career as a behind the scenes guy and made the decision to leave the band.

So as a result Mark A Smith (Lead Vocal) Paul Green (Lead Guitar) Phil Conway (Rhythm Guitar) John Rapp (Bass) and Billy Large (Drums) became Sonnic Image.  We had our first anniversary in February as a five piece and we are as tight as ever...Brothers

Ralph: Who are you listening to just now and whose music pisses you off?

Mark: I'm still very much into Northern Soul, it's always had a place in my heart I guess from being brought up with parents who are Wigan Casino veterans but I have found a new love for the Charlatans as they have always had a place in my heart and as they are starting to tour again I'm finding myself listening to them more and more.  As a homage our walk on tune is 'One To Another'. 


If any musician has the balls to persevere and make it as a respected artist then I have the ultimate respect for them but anything or anyone that is produced through reality/singing competitions words fail me.

Ralph: Any plans to take the music music further afield than the North West?

Mark: Our label Raw Sounds Music has very high hopes for us and I'm sure you'll agree that our music and lyrics have created a new genre that needs that one big airplay to send us into the stratosphere.  Also as far as global is concerned our label are New Zealand based so hopefully Globality (is that a word) is within our reach.

Ralph: Which festival would you like to play/suit the bands music?

Mark: We would love to be part of Reading and Leeds as they have a massive Introducing/Unsigned culture and are heavily promoted and championed by national radio.  Also the ticket holders that go to R&L appreciate new music. Our Indie Rock and Roll sound would suit the young or indeed indie and student community.

Ralph: How do you feel your music has evolved and has the line-up of the band settled?

Mark: Our music has evolved massively we all have various inspirations from the likes of Led Zep, Oasis, Travis, Queens of The Stone Age, Northern Soul, Slip Knot, Punk, Pop and Swing if you could create a music genre from all of the above you'd be a millionaire but we all appreciate each others taste and respect it.  The line up of the band has settled massively. Someone would have to ask themselves some serious questions if they wanted to leave.

Ralph: What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free and why?

Mark: Online sharing is what it is and will never go away which is OK because if your tunes are getting shared for free then people like it so when you go on tour you should get the desired crowd... Free Music?  Yeah we give it away for free, to use a cliche 'we're not in it for the money'..........YET!

Ralph: How import do you think social networking/Twitter is to Indie bands now?

Mark: I cannot express my admiration for Twitter, there are so many avenues to go down, for a start...You! Without Twitter I would of never have been in touch with you, we have also been played in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, America and several country's in Europe and without Twitter it would never have happened... Twitter we salute you...

Ralph: Anything else you want to add feel free!

Mark: We are a Band with major ambition, we have the minerals to make it in the industry and if get knocked down we re-group and start again, we will not give up and give up on our dream..

Ralph: When is the single available for a listen?

Mark: The single will be available to listen to at the end of March...and upcoming gigs are.....

29th March Dry Venue Northern Quarter Manchester, supporting our good friends Dirty Saints with their Single Release. (Headline Set)

31st of March our debut Single Release (This Town) - Cotton Mill Warrington

23rd of April Parr Hall Warrington (1500 Capacity) Event Is called a one night festival featuring the best upcoming bands in the north west (Headline Set)

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