Friday, 29 March 2013

The Watermelons

It's about time Ralph wandered a bit further south than The Watford Gap to bring you talented, unsigned Indie bands and you can't get much further south and find a band more talented than The Watermelons from Brighton (just ask Blur's Alex James).

The Watermelons are Toby Bain - Vocals & Guitar, David Kelly - Bass & Vocals, Sam Salkeld - Lead Guitar & Vocals and Matthew Wagstaff - Drums, Vocals.  They lean on the lighter side of Indie Alt/Rock and are producing some very infectious post-Brit Pop tunes with strong vocals, sharp lyrics and big on musicality.

A classic example is 'Shooting Star' Feat. Snakeyman which comes with a razor sharp video.  The vocal stylings of actor and up and coming rapper Snakeyman (aka Arnold Oceng) bring a bit more of an edge to this catchy, guitar driven power pop track.

They've a batch of gigs upcoming, sadly all in their local area.  At the minute they remain unsigned but it can't be long before the mainstream radio shows and promoters start taking notice of this highly talented foursome.  Their 'Better Together' EP garnered acclaim among southern bloggers which in turn brought them to Ralph's  attention so let's hope that they venture a little further afield than Brighton beach in the near future. 

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