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Now Ralph had been taking a quick look at Glasgow singer/songwriter Quinny recently with a view to blogging him.  Then last week on Twitter appeared a link to a story in The Sun about a young busker, Peter Quinn who had found £940 stuffed into his collection box by a rather generous passer-by. Coincidence.....I think and the same.

Quinny's quirky vocal style is infectious, his music addictive.  I've been lucky enough to have had a listen to the new EP 'Read All The Rumours' and it's a guitar driven, introspective gem.  So with the chance of him having a few spare quid to buy me some Bonios' if I blogged him, I asked Quinny a few questions prior to the EP launch night in The Old Hairdresses, Glasgow on Thursday 30th May.

Ralph: There's an EP in the offing, (ironically called 'Read All The Rumours) when's it out.
Quinny: I've not set on a firm date yet, but hopefully April if not sooner.

Ralph: Flying solo or banding together?
Quinny: A bit of both.  It's still a solo project, but only cos no ones ever able to commit and I got tired of waiting around.  I play gigs with a live band as the EP's pretty full on.

Ralph: US influenced?
Quinny: Nah...not at all.  The early Biffy stuff (especially The Vertigo Of Bliss) is a huge influence on my tunes.  I'm always thinking about Radiohead, Belle & Sebastian, Frightened Rabbit and I love the songs from that movie 'Once' by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova too.  Plus loads of others I can't think of right now.....does Arcade Fire count?  I mean they're Canadian, but it's still the other side of the water.

Ralph: Any plans for gigging outside Scotland/world domination?
Quinny: I'll play where anyone will have me.  I'd love to tour.  World domination would be nice too!  It would mean I could go and visit all my mates in America regularly.

Ralph: An artist or band you'd like to be compared to?
Quinny: Arcade Fire, every time!  I don't sound much like them and I don't know them inside out enough to call them my favourite, but if someone genuinely thought my music was as great as theirs I'd die happy.  Assuming I wasn't being tortured as I died!

Ralph: An artist or band you wouldn't like to be compared to?
Quinny: Ed Sheeran.

Ralph: What would you like to tell people who haven't heard you yet?
Quinny: Have a listen!  Please?

Ralph: Which festival would you like to play first and why?
Quinny: Basically again, anyone who'll have me!  Rockness would be cool. Benicassim and Bestival always look amazing too.  Though I'd have to say 'Brew At The Bog' as I'm a big fan of craft beer and Brew Dog.  I tried to get on this years bill but no such luck!

Ralph: Who'd be your favourite headliner (other than yourself)?
Quinny: Probably Arcade Fire.  It would be incredible to say I've supported Frightened Rabbit, Local natives or The Antlers.  Jack White would be sweet as well.  This questions too open ended...too much choice!

Ralph: What drives you to write songs?
Quinny: Well, one time someone said to me "I can NEVER imagine you being sad or self-concious" which I totally appreciated, but it was total bullshit.  

People never really see that side to me, I never give it a voice.  I try to make my songs an outlet for all of that stuff.  Plus I think I come up with better metaphors the more depressed I feel.

The irony is, as soon as I break the train of thought to write something down, I start to distract myself and feel better!  Good for me but not so productive as far as lyrics go.  I guess I treat it as a form of therapy.

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  1. Really excellent interview. Brilliant questions as they were so open ended!