Monday, 4 March 2013

Mono Life

Now Ralph always likes to check out a band or artist with their very own rock dog and Mono Life (aka musician/DJ/producer Mark Osborne) from Hull fits the bill with the very lovely Beryl who's looking a bit mean and moody in the picture, kind of like her old man's brand of synth based, heavy beats.  These are well represented by the 'Mono Sound' EP due to be released 11th April.

Mono Sound is a highly addictive track with it's heavy beat pulsing throughout the track, accentuating the lighter almost dance-floor electronica and it has featured recently on local BBC Introducing.  

If this taster EP with superb remixes by Endoflevelbaddie, AbeZilla, Cat Sized Panda and Sham Getz is a reflection of the debut album due out later this year, we're in for a real treat.  Jen and Ally on BBC 1 Introducing were so impressed they gave Mono Life a spin on their show recently.

Here's a fascinating collaboration with fellow east coast producer Cat Sized Panda with Mono Life doing a 'Deep Space Remix' of Panda's track 'Seraphim'.  Self-styled knob twiddler Cat Sized Panda aka John Sorensen-Jones has also been the subject of some interest BBC Intro-wise with the release of a debut single and album.

Broadsword - Live
Mono Life's sound was born in the 90's with diverse influences such as Orbital, Leftfield and DJ Shadow combining to bring to you a unique and often sci-fi infused sound, well represented by a track like 'Dark Star Theory' with its 'Blade Runner'-esque narrative.  Such is the quality of the track it managed to sneak its way onto BBC Radio 6's Tom Robinson 'Extra gems' track listing last week.

There's going to be launch party for the EP in @Fruit (62-63 Humber Street, Kingston-on-Hull) 8th March with a live performance by Mono Life and DJ sets by Robbo, Pete Robinson and Sizzle Sisters.  Get in there and get on the dance floor!

After that 'The Skull' will be playing The Urban Bar in London's Whitechapel with Abezilla on the 30th March.

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