Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cheyenne Doll

One of the advantages of having a radio show with Radio KC playing unsigned UK acts that's based in France is that it can be a two way street and heading in our direction is sultry French singer/songwriter Cheyenne Doll.  She's recently released a five track EP 'Carmen' to great critical acclaim in France and now Ralph brings it to the attention of the UK.

Her self-titled first album recorded in London had a distinct punk/rock influence but this EP is a lighter, acoustic and more pop/folky trip designed to show off her vocals, musicality and songwriting skills. 

The lead track 'Carmen' is sensuous, reflective, delightfully harmonious and in order to appeal to a wider audience she's recorded the vocals on the EP in English.  Cheyenne plays all the piano and guitar on the tracks and the violin accompaniment, especially on 'Carmen' gives them a very poignant  feel.

Her musical background began at the age of 13 and her influences since then have been diverse.  In Miami she collaborated with Galbert Spence of Burning Spear followed by a move to London where she recorded  a punk album under the auspices of none other than Kenny Jones (worked with 
Pulp, Bjork, Robbie Williams, Steel Pulse, Oasis and The Smiths) at Alchemy Studios.  Moving on to New York she spent some time playing in the bars and clubs in Brooklyn and Manhattan before heading cross country to Los Angeles and a spot in the world famous Whiskey A Go Go.

photo by Jean Michel Sooprayen — at La M├ętisse Paris.
On returning to France she embarked on a tour of Paris venues playing a selection of acoustic songs and was selected to play the prestigious Solidays Festival. This was the inspiration for a return to the studios to record the 'Carmen' EP last year.  The EP was recorded using an analogue format to give it an honest lo-fi appeal.

 Here's a video of Cheyenne in the Kaiser Studios recording 'So Sad' for the EP.  
let's hope she decides to cross the channel and do some gigs over here sometime soon!

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