Monday, 29 April 2013

Richie Ashwin

RICHIE ASHWIN 1Richie Ashwin is an emerging South-East  recording artist and producer who’s currently building a name within the UK R&B scene.  He combines his natural audio skills with a keen visual eye that see's him shoot and direct his own music videos.

After some much needed self-reflection and artistic honing over the past year Richie Ashwin has returned to introduce to us his fresh, new musical identity.  

His take on urban music is pieced together with his commentary on social mores.  Tales of dreams, love, lust and heartbreak which are delivered in his seemingly casual but actually acute writing style combined with atmospheric videos that should see him emerge as a force in 2013.  Case in point is the new single 'Hold Your Breath' which will also be the lead track on his forthcoming EP.

His soft, soulful almost plaintive vocal accompanied by simple but effective guitar tell a harrowing and hopeful story.  What sets it apart from his contemporaries is the gritty flow he launches into in the final third of the song which is nicely mirrored in the moody self-directed video.

This single should see him come to the fore in the near future with its almost cross genre feel and hey...the girlies are gonna love Richie Ashwin!

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