Thursday, 4 April 2013

Nevada Base

Any band who promise "low pounding tribal  drums  and percussion" has a lot to live up to - but their description of the introduction to 'Foresight' - the new single from Glaswegian electro outfit Nevada Base - does just that.  The drums soon give way to bubbling  synths, driving disco bass,  and an almost hypnotic psychedelic vocal hook. 

The B-side  Hindsight  retains  the single’s  tribal refrain before heading off on a trippy, addictive, low-tempo groove.  You just can't help but  love the remix by Magic Daddy  takes the track into bass-led electro heaven.

Nevada Base seem to be transcending the gap between the basic electro outfit and the more instrument driven bands.  Given the volume and quality of clubs and venues in Glasgow that suit their disco based, drum backed synth sound I can see 'Foresight' becoming a massive DJ and clubber 'floor filling favourite'.   You can pick it up through Black lantern Music, but hurry there'll be a rush!

Nevada Base have been been busy  since  the release  of their debut single 'Love In My Mind', taking to the T-Break Stage at T-in-the-Park, playing a sold-out show supporting New Build (featuring members of HotChip and LCD Soundsystem), plus roof-raising gigs up and down the UK alongside the likes of Metronomy, Silver Columns, Lateof the Pier, Memory Tapes and others.

The band's original line-up of Albert Kwami (guitar/vocals) and Andrew Brown (bass) has also grown to include Calum Muir (drums) and James Vorley (synths/backing vocals).  The addition of drums to the bands live performance adds an astonishing energy, displayed to full effect on the new single 'Foresight'

Kawmi's vocals travel from understated drawl to urgent command, à la Phil Oakey in his heyday.  Brown's bass keeps everything tied in to a funky groove.  Muir's drumming is  tight and expressive, while Vorley knows how to reign his synths in then let them take over.  

The single will be supported by live shows around the country, including a launch party at Broadcast in Glasgow on the 27th April and Paradise in London on the 30th April.

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