Monday, 29 April 2013

Last Minute Glory

With so many new bands trying to make a name for themselves in Edinburgh just now Last Minute Glory are sticking their heads above the rest with their debut EP 'Take Time'.  It's a light and airy Scots poptastic a la View, so to show they're ready to make a name for themselves they set up an EP launch party in Cabaret Voltaire and Ralph's man in Scotland Malcolm Parry was there to catch the show.

On first listening they've put together three indie-pop anthems which have all the hallmarks of being destined for airplay.  Malcolm had first listen to the EP and here's his take on the shiny bright young things - Michael Byrne,  Chris Karpacz, Lee Brown and Daniel Shearer - that are Last Minute Glory.

With the lead track 'Take Time' we get bass notes intro and chiming guitar riffs, all tight indie-pop, sounding to me like The View's 'Grace'.  Their lead singer has a broad Scottish instilled vocal delivery.  The short sharp to the point catchy chorus - 'Take time, your not in love' -  slowing things down and sounding almost Paulo Nutini but in a good way.  At just over 3 minutes this will be destined for radio play.  A good start.

'Strange To See Your Face' has short bursts of Arctic Monkeys - 'Brianstorm' style intro and The Libertines trade off vocals, still quite a strong chorus and nifty little guitar solo. The lads bring it down to shout 'Go home, Go home' before picking it back up into the almost punky like chorus. 

'I'm Going My Own Way' has very infectious guitar melodies, a harder edge in the vocal, not so poppy in the chorus.  More guitar driven, especially the last section of the song where we are treated to a full on rock guitar solo to fade.  My favorite tune out of the three and A promising first EP from these Edinburgh lads. One to watch.

Last Minute Glory Live Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, 10/04/13

First Support - Younger

Glaswegian 4-piece. Nice mellow vibe, lead man looking uncannily like The Libertines- Carl Barat, a shame he doesn't have a voice to match.  The other musicians are talented, maybe  the front man needs to hone his vocal skills, reminded me of Hope of the States lead man who wasn’t great live as well.  Sorry guys.  Having said that, the young audience seemed to enjoy, so what do I know!

Second support - The Rahs

East Lothian 4-Piece.  A good feeling for these lad's, having already released an EP last year and an album in the pipeline. First tune of their set I hear a bit of Stone Roses/Kasabian and with lead man's Liam Gallagher style vocal delivery reminded me of Oasis - 'Hindu Times'.  A touch Psychedelic.  Nice start.

Into the set we get scuzzy guitars, more latter day Oasis sounding anthems and Arctic Monkeys riffs.  Lead man asking the audience - “Everybody happy tonight?” - the crowd roar back.  A very busy turnout and all look very happy indeed.  Next tune I feel a bit of 'garage' rock and a Brian Molko in the vocal style.  Things pick up for the last track, a Rage against the Machine rampage tune without the angry vocals but the grungy guitar's.  A nice finish.

Headliners - Last Minute Glory 

Last Minute Glory are band  everyone is here to see as it's their 'Take Time' EP launch night.  The crowd moved forward to the soundtrack of The Chemical Brothers 'Block Rocking Beats' so this reviewer takes stage left to get a better view and vibe.  They fire into the third tune off the EP, a track called 'I'm Going My Own Way'.  Like a rhino stampede the band surging into driving indie, the crowd now pressed up against the barrier, those who can still breath attempt a mosh. 

We begin with The Libertines-esque vibe and end the song with a rock solo crescendo.  Excellent start, the young audience agree.  I'm feeling a huge buzz for the boys.  Chris Karpacz on leave from The Dons plays Lead guitar, bassist Lee Brown looking remarkably like The Horrors 'Faris Badwan' also on loan from The Merrylees. Lead man Micheal Byrne, leather jacket clad reminding me of Supergrass lead man Gaz Coombes.  Strangely I felt the same vibe that night as I did catching a young Supergrass at T in The Park in 1995.

We hear - “Let's go” - shouted at us from the front man and cans of Red Stripe fly all over the place, in the air and on the floor, like a Jamaican Riot.  They sing 'You Left (I Changed)' all punchy indie pop and nifty tight riffs.

Track three on tonight’s set we get 'She Never Knew'  and the young singer starts a crowd chant to the backing of Arctic Monkeys/Supergrass type riffs.

During 'Shine On You' the band hold off with a short hesitation so the crowd (obviously fans) can sing the line's back to them.  The Dons drummer Luke Paxton who's stood next to me tells me the band wrote this when they were 15.  The drum beat from wee man Daniel Shearer (who's loving every minute of the gig) kicks back in to rapturous applause from the mainly teenager audience and it's an obvious crowd favorite.

Time for another tune from their EP - 'Strange To See You' - with it's Arctic Monkey's 'Teddy Picker' short sharp outbursts, catchy melodies and chorus “Go Home” - not yet, were not ready!  In between tracks we get “L.M.G” football chants all in unison from the kids, and maybe a few adults (me included).

'Fape' moves along nicely, ends and they leave the stage.  The crowd wants more, a flag of the band is released behind the Drum kit.  Their heroes return all ready to give this 'motley crue' the title tune off the E.P 'Take Time'.  They fire in, the surging begins and The Rahs lead man rushes past me and stage dives into the unsuspecting crowd while the band sing an infectious pop tune.  All stop-start chorus and catchy vocals. They leave the crowd all fired up and wanting more.  A tight little group, hopefully with their increasing fan-base and proving their worth live, a good year ahead for them.  Next - an album?

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