Friday, 24 May 2013


Now Ralph's devotion to the unsigned UK Indie music scene is undisputed however every now and again something comes along that you just can't resist.  That something is the release of the debut EP 'Find Desire' by Belgian band Starkeeper with the stunning animated video for the lead track 'Elle' produced by the hugely talented young Lithuanian artist Arnoldus Viktus (go take a look).

Starkeeper revolves around songwriting duo Ivy Smits and Dieter Meeuwis who previously were responsible for some remarkable songs in the 'Belpop' genre (including 'Switch' by Arsenal and 'Heavenly' by Cinerex). 

This first EP 'Find Desire' is the product of collaboration between Pieter Van Dessel (Marble Sounds) and Kelvin Smits (founder of Cinérex)

Whilst their sound can be called 'Europop' their appeal transcends the usual 'same ole same ole' electro-pap that can sometimes make it difficult for European bands to translate into the UK scene.  Strong songwriting and Ivy's lush vocals accompanied by a more rounded electronic sound make them highly listenable in the vein of the Cocteau Twins or Slowdive.

The album is available for download on i-tunes and having had a sneak peek at the rest of the tracks I can highly recommend it (especially the Kelvin re-mix of 'Something Never Seen') for your i-pod listening pleasure.  Let's also hope that if sales in the UK take off they'll be heading over the Channel for a tour soon!

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