Thursday, 9 May 2013

The 1004's

Last time I updated the blog on The 1004's I'd put out last year when they released 'SOS' was early this year after The 1004's had released 'Light's Out' and were heading to the studios to record their new single.  Well the good news is it's been worth the wait as they've just released 'Throes' with an indie folk/rock feel to it and has already been seeing some airplay both by Ralph on Radio KC and Jim Gellatly.

It's a mean and moody track that sees a genuine shift in direction for the band from the lighter pop/punk feel of 'SOS' or the U2-esque 'Lights Out', a real coming of age.  

There's also a stunning, atmospheric video out for 'Throes' directed by BAFTA nominee John J Campbell with camerawork and editing by Chris Tuszewski.  Now Ralph's always one to share things, so to make it easy for you I've included it below.....

The 1004's also having a break from studio work to bring you some live performances including an appearance at the second of the Haddowfest Presents nights in Edinburgh.

Here's a list of the dates just announced, with more to follow.

10th May - AKA Banbury

11th May - This Feeling Queen of Hoxton, London with - KAV,The Electric Soft ParadeSection 60 and L.A.C

17th May - Mighty Boof At The Playground, Whitehaven with - The View, The EnemyThe Tapestry

24th May - Haddowfest Presents The Electric Circus, Edinburgh - Support comes from Dumb, Greg Pearson and Charlotte Black.

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