Friday, 17 May 2013

The Bedroom Hour - Themes EP

Ralph's been a long time fan of The Bedroom Hour since he blogged them back in August of last year and have been following them intently ever since.  No secret then that I'm a fan of their track 'X Marks The Spot' so it's my pleasure to tell you that they've released the track on their  new EP 'Themes' which is out today.  You can order 'Themes' online from this link.  Here's a taster from the EP and it is of course 'X Marks The Spot'

With a settled line up of Stuart Drummond- Lead Vocals, Rob Payne- Guitars and Backing Vocals, Mark Dudley- Keyboard, Dan Rider- Bass and Backing Vocals and Lewis Cosham - Drums they've developed their sound to the point where they feel it's ready to be released and performed live.  With tracks like 'Tyrannosaur' which is a monster of a track their gigs are going to be nights to remember.

To launch the 'Themes' EP they're playing a selection of gigs in Scotland and England with more to follow.  They've also lined up some quality support acts including The Broxton Hundred, Crystal Seagulls, Empire, The Darlingtons, The Litigators, Calm As The Colour and The Luka State for a line up of gigs not to be missed.

Being an equal opportunities Jack Russell here's a review of 'Themes' by Malcolm Parry.....

Being a lover of alternative 80's music and stadium sounding guitar bands, it was a pleasure to be asked to review the debut E.P from this band who tick all those boxes.

Track 1 - Shadow Boxer

A slow build up eases the listener in to nearly two minutes of Killing Joke - 'Love Like Blood' - sounding with chiming, atmospheric guitar riffs.  Main man Stu Drummond then introduces us to his smooth as a single malt whisky vocal range, taking us in to a big room chorus “Tell me what you see, when you look at yourself and see the enemy?” he bellows.  A promising beginning.

Track 2 - Tyrannosaur

Joy Division – Transmission, bass riff and a touch of The Cure.  A forest to begin, with a Morissey vocal style.  Frantic keyboard melody with a more restrained chorus, dark but uplifting.  So much going on and all blended together to a moody finish.  

Track 3 - Themes 

Doves-like piano and dreamy vocals on this short interlude.  It's haunting piano and vocal is the glue holding the EP together.  At only just over a minute it draws you in but leaves you wanting more.

Track 4 - Midnight Game

Gorgeous Coldplay style guitar picking with ethereal choir like backing and another big epic chorus - “Your the light in the darkness”.  I’m imagining Stu reaching out to a love one who's helping him out of his dark place (metaphorically speaking).  This could easily be their ' Fix You' with it's stunning stadium sounding finish.

Track 5 - X marks the spot

Simple Minds-esque Charlie Burchill guitar riffs and soaring synth, Guy Garvey vocals, rousing infectious chorus, a guaranteed sure fire hit live and what would likely be their big single.  A tune which I’ve heard many times of late but which treats the listener to something new every time.  Beautiful indie/pop.

Track 6 - Slow Motion Cinema

Very Elbow and a touch of Gene on this end track.  A melancholic, soothing ballad and very, very epic.  If Sergio Leone made songs it would sound like this.  The chorus - “I close my eyes” - repeated over and over along with the melodic guitar hook, taking it down in to a 80's keyboard finish.

A very enjoyable well produced debut which warrants repeat listens and enjoyed best in it's entirety.  Only complaint, it's not an album.  I'll have to wait for that, but their ever increasing fan-base and buzz around these lads will sure push money their way to get their first of many album's out very soon.  Don't worry guys, the big guns will keep the arena warm until you get there.

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