Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Under A Banner

Under A Banner from Wolverhampton have been making powerful, passionate and poetic alternative rock for almost three years.  The two musicians at the band’s creative core have forged not just another band but something in which people are becoming emotionally invested in.  They're riding high on the current wave of folk/rock currently becoming increasingly more popular with the likes of  Manchester's The Travelling Band or Scotland's The Holy Ghosts spreading the word.

The last year has seen the band (who perform as a full electric/acoustic unit or as a trimmed-down acoustic 3 piece) support New Model Army, have their music used by the charity Safe World for Women, been played on dozens of online and FM radio stations, including Stafford FM and were featured in Indie Shaman magazine.

They've played many gigs and festivals and gathered the support of thousands of loyal fans in such diverse locations as South America, Poland and Indonesia.

The band has been given the official go-ahead to use the imminent release of their song 'Some Stories' supporting Help for Heroes.


Some Stories (radio edit) 3.38

'Some Stories' highlights their strong lyrical ability which is matched by their musicality.  In 'Some Stories' they enhance their story telling with music that brings poignancy and meaning to the words of the song as it builds throughout the track -mirrored in the well crafted video that accompanies the track.

It's one you should have on your i-pod and in doing so you also contribute to Help for Heroes.

Upcoming gigs are.....

Sunday May 26th live acoustic session @ The Stile’s Festival of music, Wolverhampton. May 26, 2013

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