Monday, 30 July 2012

EH1 LIVE.....Five of the best venues presenting 50 of the best bands!

It's not always about the bands, you need to have a great venue to play in too.....or in this case five great venues.  This years EH1 LIVE takes place on Sunday 16th September celebrating some of the best unsigned music in Scotland today.  This years venues are The Liquid Rooms, Electric Circus, Whistlebinkies, Cabaret Voltaire and last but by no means least Bannermans hosting over 50 bands throughout the day and into the evening.

Liquid Room LogoSo first venue on the list is The Liquid Rooms.....

For over 10 years The Liquid Room has been entertaining music fans in and around Scotland by hosting gigs and events 7 days a week , 365 days a year. They're proud to have worked with artists from every music genre ; from Hip Hop to Rock, Country to Pop and have seen Dj’s from around the globe grace their stage for some phenomenal club nights.  After being closed for refurbishment for almost 2 years, they're happy to be back bigger and better than ever. Technically we have installed a bespoke and state of the art sound and lighting system yet unseen in any venue of our size in the UK.  With artists as diverse as Hip Hoppers De La Soul, Black Eyed Peas and Dizzee Rascal to rockers Snow Patrol, Stiff Little Fingers and The View gracing their stage it truly is among the creme de la creme of venues not just in Scotland but UK wide.

"Photography by The Artificial Asylum -

Next up is Electric Circus.....with it's 7 luxurious private karaoke rooms, a huge variety of live music on their stage, unashamedly upbeat and light hearted club nights and a huge array of party options and relaxed classes to suit every occasion and any number of guests.

Vic Galloway of BBC Radio Scotland said - “Electric Circus is a state-of-the-art, new music venue in my hometown city of Edinburgh, catering for everything from bangin’ club culture to sweaty rock n’roll. Its another great addition to the Capital’s growing live scene with touring bands and local acts rolling up on a nightly basis. The interior decor is a wild, technicoloured clash of tattoo style murals, new-wave neon and classy monochrome all fighting for your attention with the wall of TV screens and personal karaoke booths. I’ve seen many bands, DJ-ed loads and had the occasional beverage or 2 in Electric Circus, and always have a great time. The staff are friendly and doormen polite – what more could you want?”

AdvertThird on the list is Whistlebinkies..... running for over ten years, Whistlebinkies Live Music Bar continues to host Edinburgh’s longest running Open Mic night.  Every Monday from 9pm to 3am Whistlebinkies becomes a place for you to perform.

Whistle Binkies live music bar, EdinburghEvery Tuesday 4 bands are invited onto the Whistlebinkies Stage to showcase their music to a packed house with a view to booking future gigs. With free entry and 2 Tiger beers for £5 this great value night brings a varied crowd that includes spotters, agents, managers and record label reps. 
 Whistlebinkies provides a backline that comprises of Yamaha Stage Advantage Drum Kit, Ashdown MAG 410 Bass Head and Cabinet, Marshall AVT 150 Guitar Head and Cabinet
In addition we provide PA, engineer, all mics, D.I.’s and leads.

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Fourth up is Cabaret Voltaire..... a celebration of jiggery pokery spanning two floors and making the arduous journey down the steep hill of Blair St a worthwhile venture.
Cab Vol basically resides in a cave. It is ideal for finding nooks and crannies to plonk yourself down, squeeze up, budge up, move along, let me in, you are sitting on my jacket, your elbow is in my ribs, it's your turn to go to the bar...

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A place where things go bump in the night. Although perhaps BUMP is more appropriate given the sound system. An audio stage for the best in local Scottish DJ talent, as well the best that Stelios and his Easy Jet can fly in from around the musical globe. Drinks prices that make a tenner go further than usual and help you loosen up and sidestep to the dancefloor.

Dirty DistrictBannermans Bar is Edinburgh’s premier music venue, located in the heart of the city. Hosting bands and solo artists six nights a week, They are dedicated to bringing you the very best in up-and-coming local talent, rising national stars and famous acts from around the world. Every genre of music is welcome, and they pride ourselves on providing everything a band needs for a performance with a full backline, 5K P.A. and lighting rig, and some of the best sound engineers in town. No other venue in town does as much for the local scene as they do, a fact borne out by the sheer number of bands and promoters that keep coming back. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff are always happy to help out with any of your requirements or needs, so if you’re simply grabbing a quiet pint in the afternoon, having a big night out, playing or putting on your first gig, or even just curious, go and check them out – you won’t be disappointed!

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