Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Half Jacks......the full monty

So I was sittin' listening to Blur's 'The Westway' (no name dropping but courtesy of Be Like Pablo) thinking to meself, hardly anyone writes decent songs with a bit of piano anymore 
(other than Blur obviously....DOH)....when a little birdy whispered in my ear about Glasgow band Half Jacks who, by way of coincidence write clever ditties accompanied by piano.....what's the chances?

They describe themselves as 'creating tormented vocal and piano melodies with heavy guitar and pounding drums'.

So I directed the browser thingy on me jukebox in the direction of the Half Jacks Soundcloud and discovered the inexplicably named 'Reasons for the Unexplainable'.

This is promptly followed by the moody and almost 'Springsteenesque' Walk On By' before they up the pace and the piano playing on the punchy 'Head Shrunk' which I'm certain will be a favourite with the fans at their gigs. 

The Joe Strummer Foundation for New MusicThey're currently being promoted worldwide through Grooveshark Radio and they also feature on Strummerville,  the Foundation set up to help young musicians 
by the family and friends of the late great Joe Strummer.


aLIVE Music @ The Old Bank Bar Fri 15th June 2012Now if like me you do hear a bit of other artistes influences in their toons it's hardly surprising as they list the following among their inspiration...the crazy and scary Aphex Twin, The Beatles (who doesn't), Biffy Clyro, The Dresden Dolls (hardly surprising given their name) The Libertines, Muse (they might change their minds on that if they hear the Olympic song they've released), Queens of the Stone Age, The Rolling Stones and The Strokes to name but a few (no...honest, there's loads more).  So my best advice is catch the guys at a gig when you can (I'll keep you updated), they did their last one a couple of weeks ago at The Old Bank Bar in Greenock, but in the meantime download some tunes and give the guys a like on Facebook tell 'em Ralph sent you an' I'll get a Bonio!

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