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Monday, 23 July 2012

Jumped the Gun......front runners!

Jumped The Gun
Jumped The Gun are an indie rock band with an obsession for melody and introspective lyrics which leaves you feeling that honest song writing is not dead. The band comprises of Glaswegian singer and song writer Steve Clarke (which explains why everyone seems to refer to the band as Scottish), Italian bass player Mattia Milan, English Lead guitarist Rob Payne & drummer Ryan Pincott .

 Recordings with Paul Tipler (Idlewild, The Charlatans), Pedro Ferreira (Stereophonics) and Andy Savours (The Killers, Mumford n Sons) have yielded two Demos of the week from BBC Radio and Unsigned Band of the week on Gary Crowley’s BBC London Calling.  The band has been picked up by Producer Sam Williams (SuperGrass) and together they are currently collaborating & recording to develop their highly anticipated debut album.  Prior to that they are playing a showcase gig at The O2 Academy alongside Andy Cortez, Silverbox, The Vans, Citadel and Yeallow.

So I stuck the old headphones on and had a listen.  'Jumped' The Gun is a real addictive crowd pleaser, similar in style to The Draymin's anthemic Heart Attack which is always guaranteed to get the joint jumpin'.  The chorus    of 'Jumped The Gun' will have the O2 fans behind them from the first line.  And it looks like they've carried that vibe on through to 'Revolution In The Red' another catchy take the crowd with you tune, with Steve Clarke's vocals dominating.  'Wage A War' is a bit more mellow with Ryan Pincott's punchy drum beat pushing this one along. If their song writing is this strong throughout the album we're in for a treat and they're in for a long take the chance to see them for a measly six quid (they'll steal the show and your heart) before you've got to stump up £90 for a Festival ticket and sit in a tent in the rain with a pair of flowery wellies and soggy natchos!

Jar Music Live presents Plug'd In Showcase

The O2 Academy Islington on 25th of July presented by Jar Music Live. Tickets are only £6 so do not miss this chance to see the guys live and loud!