Thursday, 12 July 2012

Silver Story.....don't read between the lines

Silver StorySilver Story is a young, established rock band from St Helens.

Originally formed in 2008 they've been playing ever since. Taking influence from a pool of genres. 

Silver Story say their music has taken on a sound, which is organic and intriguing, yet leaves you with the feeling that you have been listening to them for years. The band’s influences range from artists such as Foo Fighters, Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, 30 Seconds to Mars Bob Marley and The Beatles.

Art & Vandals cover art

Having listened to their tunes on Soundcloud I say they're a young band on the verge of good things.  If you had a chance to catch them at the 'Art and Vandals' EP launch night in The Zoo Bar, St Helens you'd have been treated to a real high energy set full of quality tunes.

'Jaded' is a classic Indie/pop, punchy, guitar driven track.  A track to get the audience on side from the off at any gig.  They follow it up with a slightly gentler, more pop-like, reflective track called ' My Empire'.  They show their moodier side with 'Of Dreams and Nightmares' rocking it out with gritty vocals, heavy bass and drums.  'The Fear' features some choppy guitar work before launching into an almost The Strokes-style power pop tune.


The 4 piece has played venues around the UK ranging 
from tiny, filthy pubs to academies and has built a loyal 
following. Along with regular features on radio and in 
the press, the band has also used social media sites 
such as Facebook to grow and nurture their fan base 
and promote their releases.  


'Wake Up' the band's 2nd EP proved to be a promising platform for them, and 
Art & Vandals has built on that crank up your speakers, Silver Story 
have arrived and they're here for good!

They're at their best in a live setting with a high energy audience orientated 
performance they are gathering pace and refuse to stop so catch them LIVE 
at Dry Bar, Manchester on the 11th and 30th March 2013 and join Silver Story!

Rock On Promotions - Commenting on Silver Story’s Second Release..... 
‘Wake Up’.....

“The songs are 
well-balanced and reflect 
a good night out... 
The powerful chorus on 
'Wake Up' is a great surprise 
and elevates the song to a 
whole new level... It's 
one of those songs that can be 
easily shouted out in your 
favourite  club and has potential 
for a next rock anthem.”

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