Sunday, 8 July 2012

Boat to Row.....they're not a load of rollocks!

In less than an hour we officially release our new E.P, ‘Loyal Light’!
Can we get a HELL YEAH!!?
xLast time I brought you news of  Boat to Row  they'd announced with no little fanfare that they'd announced the release of a double A-side Old Scenes & Freedom on istartedthefire.

Well bigger news has arrived as they've just released a 5 track EP 'Loyal Light' and guess what.....Ralph is going to share a little bit with you.....not too much 'cause obviously you'll have to go and get your own!

They proclaim that their intricate sound is a charming interplay of acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, violin, keys, mandolin and banjo. In live shows these basic ingredients are swapped between the multi-instrumentalist band members, making Boat to Row’s music as invigorating as a breath of fresh air. 

So here's the EP's title track,'Loyal Light' and it's an airy foot tapping, head nodder with some exquisite horns and strong lyrics.  Proof once again that they can create modern folk/rock tunes that will appeal to all.....

As a special treat here's the YouTube video of 'Freedom' which has an almost Buffalo Springfield feel to it.....great strings throughout.....

I'll give you a couple of tracks from the previous EP too and this is 'Old Scenes'  which is  a reflective number with a heavy bass line driving the track forward. Nice to have the accompaniment of violin complimenting the haunting vocals ( big up to Faye Haddon ).  Its lyrics are poignant even for a gnarly little Jack Russell like me. “we’ll meet on the breeze and talk of old scenes - Sweep by me please - Be well - be well”.....bring tears to a glass eye!

Freedom has a slow-burn Ivor Cutler like opening with an organ that builds the listener’s anticipation before a tinkly banjo and glockenspiel emerge to lighten the mood. Again, the violin and drum mix keep the listeners interest . It's a more rousing tune that sets the paws tapping and the head nodding.....this is one for a live gig.....I'll need to point them in the direction of The Merrylees who have a similar flavour and would marry well on the same bill. 

They've supported The Vaccines (who stormed it at T in the Park on Saturday), Tom Williams and the Boat and shiny young things Dog is Dead (check out their recent release 'Glockenspiel Song'). 

This summer they went festival crazy with appearances up and down the country and they will be headlining a hometown show in Birmingham on the  30th November, The EP Old Scenes & Freedom is sure to have won them many new fans.  Ralph's the new EP Loyal Light.....get the tunes in your head.....and go and see these guys now!

Boat to Row are.....

Michael King - Guitar/Vocals/Banjo/Mandolin

Ben Gilchrist - Bass/Vocals/Banjo/Percussion

Lloyd Miller - Drums/Percussion/Vocals

Faye Haddon - Violin/Mandolin/Vocals

Billy Moss - Keys/Guitar


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  1. Really like their sound, bit of a folk lover at heart. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.