Monday, 9 July 2012

Stanley Odd.....always in Ma Headspace!

Well they killed it at Wickerman Festival .  It's fair to say the combined goodness that is Stanley Odd  reached a high level of excitedness having been added to the line-up on the Saturday.  

They're never off ma headphones at the mo' with their clever lyrics, Scottish accented hip hop stylee from Solareye, solid beats and of course the delicious vocals of Veronika Electronika.  No secret that I've dedicated their excellent recent single release 'Get Out Ma Headspace' to ma Old Man.

Stanley Odd are tailor made for festival audiences now as they've upped their game production-wise and the crowds will love the fact that they put every ounce of energy into their set as they hit the stage running.....they'll have the crowd with them from beat one and give it big licks throughout the night! Crowd pleasers....they'll never leave yers..... (you can steal that line for one of your flows Dave) with their brand of sometimes funny, sometimes serious socially aware, always funky Scottish Hip Hop.

Big news on the Oddness front is the release of a new single on Monday 10th September!

They're pleased to announce that their new single Killergram will be released on Monday 10th September as a digital downlaod from iTunes, 7 digital, HMV digital an all other major download stores. 

The official video for the track produced by Glasgow based Wake Up Advice has now been released, but here's a sneak-peek for those who can't wait. 


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