Sunday, 1 July 2012

Top Ten You Tube Videos.....because I can

So it's Sunday and being a Jack Russell (with a 20 second attention span) currently with writers block and drink to partake of later I've decided to do a top ten of the videos I've watched this week (who said lazy git?).

Unfortunately watching YouTube for 12 hours straight has been a right bastard on me eyes however the ten videos I've picked (in no particular order) are the dogs bollocks (as you can also see from the picture).

First up is The Repeat Offenders - 'Fade Away' (me old man's wanderin' past as the intro's playin' and sayin' is that the Buzzcocks new single" and I'm like wot?

Next for perusal are those loverly hirsute guys from the far North Campfires in Winter doing The Rockhopper Sessions and performing 'Twelve Thousand Drops'.

What's next I hear you ask....well it's Angry v's The Bear (for obvious reasons) performing 'Kill Me With Words and Pictures'.

Here's one I've been playing all week....worra voice, it's Yvonne Lyon with 'The Coffee Song'.

Big Big noise on this one...had the whole house vibrating to this earlier's Slydigs with 'I Can't Wait Forever'.

Just blogged these guys and they are going to be's The 10:04's with 'About Tonight' (complete with stage invasion by drunk uncle at wedding dancer).

Couldn't do this without including new guys on the block (they're mental) The Begbies performing 'Tales of a Loney Ex' (great debut video) to watch for the future. 

Massive anthemic toon now from Fife band who'll be touring soon it's Modern Faces with 'Pravda Scrolls'...

My first favourite blogged band now and it's the one and only Holy Pistol Club performing 'By your Side'....take it from me you will see them do this at a Festival or Stadium near you!


Last but by no means least it's The Draymin another outstanding Fife band who are ripping up venues throughout Scotland and beyond with tunes like 'Heart Attack'.

OK so that's me cream crackered an' off to have a few aptly named BrewDog beers....think if I keep givin' them a mention in the Blog they'll sponsor me?

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