Thursday, 5 July 2012

Let's Go Safari.....on the right trail....

Those lovely people at Red Dragon Records recently drew my attention to the funky little foursome that is Let's Go Safari.  They play their very own brand of electro-pop that's extremely difficult to get out your head once you've heard it (that's a good thing) so I stick my headphones on and get tooned in and this was what I heard.....firstly 'BYOB' and it's very much shades of the B52's with a Ska back beat (some obviously younger bloggers have been heard to say they can't see a comparison with other influences) ....I know, where's the electro pop!!!!

With tunes like' BYOB' (their next single) and the slightly Americanised (well it was the 4th July yesterday) 'Glad to be a Grad' there's one thing for sure these guys are going to get the joints jumping.  They're fun, they're musical and the good news for Red Dragon Records is, they're marketable!  Bright shiny young things (Ryan Wood on Vocals, Clive Coats on Guitar and new members Oli Crisp on Bass and James Mosely on Drums) that will light up any venue.


Then there's the recently released 'Oh, Jane Doe' which I had on just as me old man went past and he was like "didn't think The Lightning Seeds were still on the go" and I was like"whatever"'s a catchy and highly addictive little electro-pop tune ('bout time) which I wouldn't be surprised to hear on a radio station near you some time soon.

For me these guys have come along just at the right time with groups like The Loveable Rogues setting a trend so if you want to get a chance to see them before you have to pay top dollar, here's how.....

October 3rd.....
The Old Queens Head.....Islington

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