Saturday, 7 July 2012

Top Ten video clips for next years T in the Parkers

So it's T in the Park weekend and I'm stuck in the house with only me favourite cushion for company so I've knocked up ten all Scottish; should be playing next year at T in the Park, YouTube videos for anyone stuck in a tent in the rain with nowt to do but imbibe large amounts of alcohol.  As you can see from the picture watching YouTube for twelve hours straight in order to pick the clips has been a right bastard on me eyes but the clips are the dogs bollocks, as the picture also shows!

First up it's got to be 'Steal Your Heart' by The Vigo Thieves.....DO NOT MISS THEM TOMORROW if you're at T in the Park and next year...the main stage!

Next up it's Edinburgh band Six Storeys High playing 'My Last Favour' at the HMV Picture House.

Here's The Merrylees with the spooky '(Farewell) Dry Land....with spooky video to match (nearly shit meself when Klaus Kinsky came on).


Could'nt have a Scottish YouTube clip list without something from Modern Faces.  This is the Biz session they did for The Sun playing a cover of Cee Lo Green's 'Bright Lights Bigger City'

Don't tell me that The Draymin wouldn't absolutely kill it at T in the Park (they crowd already want them to stand in for Feeder this year) they are givin' it bigger licks than me playing 'Heart Attack' at The Alhambra.....


Here's the delightfully different Stanley Odd supporting Arrested Development at The HMV and proving that  
Scotsmen can festival should be complete without him.....look out Wickerman!

Love the video on 'The Day That Friction Overcame Fun' by Johnny and the Giros.....these guys were made to play festival stages.....

Here's Scottish funsters (they're our B52's but better 'cause they sing with a Scottish accent and don't have facelifts) Be Like Pablo with their groovy video for the bouncy single 'Julianne', guaranteed to get any festival tent bouncing!

Just to prove Scotland's got more talent coming out it's productive pores than anywhere else here's French Wives with 'Younger' and it's got festival favourite written all over it!

OK so I had the 10:04's in last week's but I don't care because they are main stagers who'd whip any festival crowd into a frenzy with tunes like 'About Tonight'......I'll show my arse (see above) if they're not at T in the Park next year

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