Thursday, 14 February 2013

Campfires In Winter

I can't believe that eight months have passed since I first blogged those lovely hirsute young men Campfires In Winter after hearing the melodious 'Twelve Thousand Drops'.  So it was with great joy and expectation when news of a proper debut single release on March 4th dropped into Ralph's inbox. 

Now don't get me wrong I loved 'Twelve Thousand Drops' but the release of 'White Lights' is a real revelation as they explore a heavier more rock oriented sound.  The initial intro lulls you into a false sense of security but it's not long before it's soaring guitars and thumping bass lead into punchy vocals and you wont want anyone to 'take the spiders away' and  the almost bagpipe-like guitar work is reminiscent of Stuart Adamson in his glory days.  Some might say it's a tad overlong for a single at six minutes (there's always the radio edit), but it's the kind of tune that you just don't want to stop. 

In contrast the b-side, 'Cardboard Ships' is an all together more melody infused, reflective and haunting track.  It's a real coming of age for Campfires In Winter as they achieve a greater level of maturity and professionalism in their music but with no loss of that authentic charm and Scottishness.   

The single was self-recorded by the band and mastered by Geoff Allan at CaVa Studios (Malcolm Middleton, Make Model), and an accompanying music video is currently being produced and directed by Oscar Sansom (The LaFontaines, Michael Cassidy and Arches) to be released the week before the single.

Since forming in 2010 the band has gone on to share the stage with the likes of RM Hubbert, Kid Canaveral, Mitchell Museum and So Many Animal Calls as well as sets in 2012 at both Wickerman and goNorth festivals. Kicking off 2013 with a sold-out King Tut’s show alongside Kitty the Lion and Sunshine Social, Campfires in Winter have earned themselves a reputation for delivering powerful, emotional and atmospheric live performances.

The single launch gig is in Nice 'n' Sleazy, Glasgow on March 7th and they'll be ably supported by Garden of Elks and Vasa.  Tickets are available now and there's even a discount if you get them at the same time as pre-ordering the single.

Campfires In Winter are.....

Robert Canavan Lead vocals, lead guitar
Wullie Crainey Bass guitar, vocals
Scott McArthur Keyboard, vocals, guitar
Ewan Denny Drums

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