Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Folk Remedy

Getting tired of Mumford and Sons churning out the same ole same ole? Then do what I did and take a look at The Folk Remedy from Manchester whose diversity and musicality is as refreshing as it is highly listenable.  These three musicians have merged their own different musical backgrounds into one sound, which brings out their individual personalities whilst staying true to their folk roots. 


The Folk Remedy Live At The BBC

Sirens is a retrospective, wistful, catchy, head nodding, foot tapping piece of musical loveliness.  The violin adding to the poignant lyrics of the track and the guitar adding to the foot tapping!  They're musicianship is constantly matched by their songwriting ability, bringing us authenticity, warmth, sorrow and joy without 'cloning' previous tracks.

The Folk Remedy are.....Matt Whoriskey, Maria Bonner and Rob Ryle.  Matt and Maria hail from Derry City in Northern Ireland and have been friends for more than a decade.  Matt, got to know Boltonian Rob, who had previously been in bands and played all over the North West. 

There's blend of folk, blues and traditional Irish music in their approach.  Harmonies remain vital to songs, as does the violin and soothing guitar solos so eventually things clicked into place and through various comings and goings from each other’s homes in Manchester, Stockport and Chorlton, combined with many of the open mic nights that Matt runs in The Bay Horse pub in Manchester’s Northern Quarter The Folk Remedy was born and has seen performances on BBC Radio Manchester’s Introducing and The Liam Bradford Show.


You can get to know The Folk Remedy here on this Soundcloud of their interview and live session with BBC Radio Manchester presenter Michelle Hussey. it gives a fascinating insight into the band and their musical roots and inspirations which include Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, Elbow, Neil Young, The Postal Service, Damien Jurado and many more.


Your chance to catch The Folk Remedy live.....

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  1. Up with the professionals, well done, great site.

  2. many thanks for the great comment! Nice to get one too....

  3. Hey Mike...please stop introducing me to new bands! I listen to about 9 hours of music every day and I dont have enough time as it is...oh ok then...I have a weakness of music of all genre's but I do love me some indie rock. I'm listening as I type and so far so good :D Thanks & keep up the good work! How about some bands in the south who I might actually get to see live! hahahha

  4. Given that I'm oop North I do get way more submissions from bands above the Watford gap...but I'll see what I can do!