Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Recovery!

The Recovery! are a five piece punk/metal/core band from Glasgow who  release their new E.P ‘Wherever Nowhere Takes Us’ on 11th February, 2013 via Indie label Cold War Legacy

The first single from the record ‘The Faint & Fragile’ is available now for free download!

If 'Faint and Fragile' is your first foray into their music then the first few lines of the track will lull you into a false sense of security before it kicks you squarely between the legs as it launches into a chorus of crowd inducing hysteria.  It's a barnstormer guaranteed to whip any gig into a frenzy and just as you regain consciousness they'll bludgeon you with the rest tracks on the EP 'Where Ever Nowhere Takes Us'.....oh my aching nuts.....

The Recovery! formed out of the ashes of various bands and several failed relationships which ended up in nights of alcohol fueled debauchery in a cold dingy flat in Glasgow's West End. 

The five members met just at the right time sharing experiences from hurling guitars out of smashed windows to crying tears of sheer desperation through shared experiences of love and loss.  Beanzy, the guitarist jokingly mentioned that they should call their new musical endeavour The Recovery! and that’s exactly what the band came to be – a musical vessel for each band member’s recovery from the depths of despair.

The band self-released their first E.P ‘This Ones For The Lovers’ and more recently a single titled ‘Vulture Club’ which has seen them playing to packed venues around Scotland.  More recently they supported Cancer Bats at The Slam Dunk Festival. They've also had the pleasure of playing a live session for Ally McCrae on BBC Radio 1 along with various other airplay and to critical acclaim.

"A big big slab of rock, some serious heavy riffs from Glasgow. It is brutal, the sort of thing Daniel P Carter has for his breakfast." - 

"The Recovery!'s Scottish accents sounded odd among such an America-centric bill, but they represented the homeland well and spurned some pretty serious nodding." - Slam Dunk Scotland 2012 review. 

"The Recovery! have found an almighty sound on 'Wherever Nowhere Takes Us'" - 

"The Recovery fuse an uncompromising metal sound with an anarchic punk spirit...They manage to channel pure rage into their playing, guitars sound like they are being beaten, vocal chords deliberately punished, cementing the album as an expression of unfiltered self loathing, reminding us that the  greatest acts of aggression are those that we would commit to ourselves." - 

"The Recovery! rock, ruck 'n' roll their way through an assortment of deadly, dynamic, hardcore-tinged chops off Cancer Bats' blocks." - 

Feb 23Aces & Eights Saloon Bar **FREE SHOW!!**w/ Accidents Will H...London, United Kingdom

Mar 15Tunnels **BRACE EP LAUNCH**w/ BraceAberdeen, United Kingdom

Mar 16Balcony Barw/ BraceDundee, United Kingdom

Mar 17PJ Molloy'sw/ BraceDunfermline, United Kingdom

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Andy Cannon – Vocals 
Alan Hind – Guitar
Jawn McClengahan – Guitar

 Fraser Henderson – Bass

Stu Reid - Drums

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