Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Cleavers...Nominated for SAMA'sa 2013

Thanks to Thomas Bisset Photography for the photos

OK here's the skinny on fast rising Elgin 
based hardcore punksters Cleavers 
who've made inroads onto BBC Radio 
Scotland's radar.  Their first outing was in
 December of 2011 after the turn of the year
were included in BBC Scotland's 35 
Scottish Artists to watch 2012 by DJ Vic 

They've been working hard to promote the band 
and such is their dedication they said.....

"We were sick of waiting for people to help us 
release this and never seem to have cash 
ourselves so we're giving away these recordings". 

Well now they've been nominated in the best Rock/Alternative category of the Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2013.

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it's all good..... 

So who said punk was dead.....This Cleavers track reminded me old man a bit of the Rezillos when he heard me tuning in.  Great thumping bass line on Speak! Speak! and bet it goes down a storm at their live gigs.

Follow that up with hyper fast Break Yer Bones and you'll be pogo-ed out in no time!  It's punk Jim and just as me old man remembers it (as much as the auldtimers lets him).

Finish that off with the slightly Stranglersesque bass intro of Sabretooth Girl and whirlwind lyrics and you've got all the buzz you need to kick off any gig.

They really really like playing shows, please email them and they'll come play for you in your local venue, pub, masonic lodge or kitchen......just make sure to give them loads of money - dadatunes@hotmail.com

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