Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Steve Heron

What's the connection between Johnny Marr and Edinburgh singer/songwriter Steve Heron I hear you ask?  Well I'll tell you...They both play guitar and Steve Heron likes Johnny Marr who's just brought out a solo record and a video after 25 years and Steve's about to release his new single 'Picturesque' and a video at a launch party in Edinburgh's Sneaky Pete's on the 29th of March...what's the chances?

Steve's guitar style is as Scottish infused as Johnny's is Manchester although there's inflections of Bernie Sumner in the likes of the heartfelt and heartrending 'Eleanor'.....if 'Picturesque' betters it we're in for a real's the kind of song James Blunt wishes he could write.  

PhotoSince putting out his first album late in 2010, the acquisition of a band and the release of the critically acclaimed 'Domino Mask' EP in 2011 we're now seeing Steve blossom into a major force on not only the Edinburgh Indie music scene but, following in the footsteps of some of the acts he has played alongside (SAMA Best Live Act nominees OK Social Club, the increasingly popular Stanley Odd and the seemingly always in the US, Admiral Fallow) he's becoming firmly established as a must see Scotland-wide.


Prior to the video launch gig he's appearing at Slouch in Glasgow on Sunday 3rd March and Teviot in Edinburgh on Thursday 14th march.  The video launch party is in Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh on the 29th March and follows that up with The Big 30 gig in Edinburgh's City Cafe on Saturday May 18th and Glasgow's 13th Note on Friday 7th June.  Beg borrow and steal if you must but don't miss a chance to catch them live with support by Universal Thee.

Steve Heron - Guitar, Bass, Vox, Keyboard and Ebow
Angus McGuire - Bass
Simon Gibb - Drums
Alan Lamb - Guitar,Keys and Vox

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