Thursday, 28 February 2013

Ded Rabbit

Now Ralph's never been averse to something a bit different, so when he caught a snippet of Ded Rabbit recently he decided to investigate further.  Four brothers from Yorkshire who've made their way up to the Highlands of Scotland and had a major dose of The Average White Band rub off on the way.  They're probably the freshest, funkiest thing on the Scottish music scene at the moment bringing us everything from Indie Jazz  and Alt Rock interspersed with a liberal dose of old school Funk.

It's fair to say that Ded Rabbit tick every Indie box and their last EP 'Ice Cream' garnered much critical acclaim.  With big chief Eoin at the back holding things steady on drums, Donal laying out the funk on bass, Fergus providing the catchy melodies and infectious riffs on lead guitar and showman Eugene at the front providing his lyrical anecdotes, cool sax and drunk dad dancing, Ded Rabbit have been gathering support across the country. With many independent radio stations picking up on the boys it was only a matter of time before others caught on, as a recent nod from Jim Gellatly confirmed when he featured them on his unsigned podcast.

Ded Rabbit are up for Best Newcomer in The Scottish Alternative Music Awards and now that voting has closed I'll make no secret that I put my cross in their collective box.  They're up against some sound opposition, however if it goes on pure unadulterated nobody does what they do originality they'll walk it.


Upcoming gigs......

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