Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Grumbling Gargoyle...'Generation Text' and other poems.

'The Next Big Thing': Introducing performance poet Lynn Gerrard... 

Earlier in the week fellow blogger 'The Suddenly Kate Show' posted some questions for ‘The Next Big Thing’ and offered the questions out to three writers that she followed on can click on the link above to see the response by new performance poet Lynn Gerrard AKA The Grumbling Gargoyle or click on any of the links on the Gargoyle to read and hear her work.

Lynn's writing style is as funny as it can be gruesome.  Her subject matter can be anything from death and Catholicism to lettuce and vegetarian zombies.  My favourite is Generation Text - a funny and incisive comment on Social Media in relationships.....

Too right I'm feeling angry!

Too right I'm feeling bitter!

You text me that you loved me 

Then Unfollowed me on Twitter!

I should've seen it coming

You wasn't that discreet

When you saw me put my post out

And didn't bother to Re-tweet!

Now you've gone and blocked me

Well isn't that a corker?

My name's just started trending 

'Cos you've added 'Hash Tag Stalker'!!

I thought that I was special

You 'Liked' the way I look

According to the little hand

With a thumb up on Facebook!

It's now become my mission

To see you face to face

There's nowhere I won't search for you

Well...ok..Not My Space!!!...

( I may be mental but I do have standards ).

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