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Ralph's now got his own Unsigned Indie Mix show on French station Radio Kaos Caribou every Sunday 5 - 6 pm and it's thanks to listening to their eclectic mix of music that he came across Paris based band Wishes.
Always keen to promote 'The Auld Alliance'  and via the wonders of email I bring you an interview with Wishes.


You could describe them as an alt/electro/rock band and they're very much in the style of Garbage and, like Shirley Manson  lead singer Angie's strong vocals are in no way intimidated by the four man rock machine behind her as she powers through tracks like 'My Promises' then shows her softer side on 'Fifty Years' or the moody 'Ultimate Romance' with hints of QOTSA pumping in the background.

I'll let the lovely Angie take up the story..... 

Ralph: What's the story behind the'd you get started?

Angie: Yann and Fabian were friends for a long time and they started Wishes together…then Xav joined them and in 2007  they were looking for a singer and I was looking for a band…

The first time I met the guys, something special happened, it was as if we had always known!! It was awesome  Now we're best friends. Chris joined us a year ago when our bassist had to leave the band.

Ralph: The name of the band Wishes seems rather reflective...why did you choose it?

Angie: Absolutely!  It’s something positive and a reflection of who we are… open to the world, and each other… we wish to give something positive to people who listen to us... and most of all to share our love for music… our fist EP called “Back to Serenity” the second one “Serenity” and we're still working in this way to give a smile to people that come to our gigs.

Ralph: Who plays what ?

Angie: Yann plays Guitar and backing vocals, Chris plays bass, Fabian plays drums and  some backing vocals, Xav plays keyboards/sampling and I sing  write the lyrics.  Most of the times the first riffs are  by Yann and we work together on it to make a new song…It’s a real team effort and everyone gives  ideas. Then we record the song in our home studio.

Ralph: The question everybody asks...who are some of your biggest influences?

Angie:  Yes but that’s a good question… so I think we have two big influences… Skunk Anansie on one side and Incubus on the other …in between there's a lot of bands we love even if they don’t really influences us to a lesser extent  like Faith No More, Pink and Shaka Ponk

 RalphWhat other bands/artists are you listening to right now?

Angie: I am a very eclectic person… I listen to a lot of bands/artistes  most of the time with a female singer as I prefer girl voices.  Currently I’m listening to the new Paramore song “Now”…but I’m listening to some rap like MGK and something really different like Rodrigo & Gabriela, Janis Joplin, Garbage, Florence and the Machine and Pink … I really love these women…

Ralph: Where do you see the band this time next year?

Angie: Why not in your country?

We are looking for a booker and we would really love to play everywhere..our music is made to travel…we sing in English that's why we hope to play everywhere, not only in France…we work hard to record a second a album…maybe a video clip, some goodies… a lot of stuff… and we would like to spread the word to the world! 

Ralph: Finally...any new gigs or music on the horizon?

AngieYes! We’ve got a big gig on February 22th and we've got some surprises coming soon…but I can’t say to much...

So there you heard it here year they're crossing the Channel...this year get your earphones on and have a listen to them this Sunday on Ralph's Unsigned Indie Mix Show...they're tres bon!

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