Thursday, 17 January 2013

Rich Lown

So Ralph's scanning the Twittersphere as per usual looking for new indie music when a Tweet from rising young star Birdy caught his eye.  She was saying how much of a fan of his music she is and telling her fans 'Please give his wonderful music a listen'.....and apparently even gave him a plug on Facebook.  So being a Jack Russell and inquisitive by nature I went and had a look myself.

Rich Lown is a folk/acoustic singer/songwriter from Bexhill on Sea and has been signed with with Liverpool's Fierce Management since 2010.  He was in the top 20 of biggest unsigned solo artist talent search 'Open Mic UK' in 2010 (which Birdy won the previous year) and is also being championed by BBC Intro who have stated 'Rich Lown has one of those relaxed, velvety voices. You have to respect a voice like that.' 

He has a very large local following and he was chosen to support Joan Armatrading, by the lady herself, back in October where he performed to a sell out audience and received a standing ovation for his performance. 

Rich has also had his music featured on a compilation album which was released by Joan's record label, Hypertension and last year his music was also been featured on Hollyoaks!

On the back of that success he's released his debut album 'Worlds Apart' to much acclaim.  The track 'Leave It All Behind' was voted one of the '12 best tracks of 2012' on mean feat.  It's a poignant song with heartfelt lyrics in a well crafted early James Blunt style.  What he does need to be careful of is not fall into the same ol' same ol' trap that Blunt (who?) did.....

If you're on the south coast you can catch Rich live at the White Rock Theatre on April 19th supporting Doors Alive.....hopefully there'll be some more dates available soon.....

One thing the new album shows is that he's grown more assured with his relaxed, almost comforting vocals, and he's even managed to teach himself the piano giving him another level of musicality.

I'll leave you with one more track (go buy the album) and it's the slightly more musically and lyrically upbeat 'Black Cloud'......

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