Thursday, 31 January 2013


What do you get when you cross The Ramones and The Killers with Oasis and The Beatles? Four piece St Helens band Stillia of course.  

Their musical roots range from 50's and 60's music to the likes of The Killers and the aforementioned Oasis.

They've gone through a few line-up changes of late but seem to have settled down with the current line-up and are high on Ralph's Ones To Watch list.

Stillia are self-taught musicians who've come together to create a unique sound influenced by their rock 'n' roll heroes such as The Beatles, The Who The Stone Roses and more.  

They've spent time in the rehearsal studio refining their sound and their musicianship and the end result is a tight hard rocking unit with strong songwriting ability.  They cite many influences but manage to carve their own style.

Their single 'You Only Live Once' is true to their youth and their North Western heritage.  No fake US vocalising here as the St Helens lads launch into the track 'We like to party we like to have fun - coz we are wild and we are young.....We don't care what others say - we'll do what we want, we'll do it our own way'. It's a proper 'rocknrolla'. 

'Love's Blown Over' is a lighter more pop based track with a catchy guitar riff running through it...almost a Lightening Seeds like stick in your head type tune. Watch this space because as Frank from Shameless would say - "They're gonna be stars".

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